A Mysterious Guest - Short Story Ch. 2

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
Mella discovers more about Lark and his secrets..
Part 3 coming out SOON!!!

Submitted: March 24, 2011

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Submitted: March 24, 2011



I tried to make sense of this in my head. I had kissed a complete stranger. And he had kissed me back. Wait, he kissed me. I kissed back. That doesn't make me feel much better. But I notice that when I start thinking of him now, all I want is him walking in my bed chamber and pushing me down on my bed; kissing me with the bright, beautiful moon as our only light. My inner fantasy was disrupted from sudden knocking on my chamber door. James walked in without invitation and flopped down next to me.

"Have you met the visitor yet?" he asked

I didn't know what to say, I hadn't told anyone about my encounter with Lark in the quarter hallway, or the fact we kissed. Should I tell my brother? Or leave it be? After a while of debating this in my head I noticed that James was still waiting for an answer. I swallowed hard and shrugged.

"No. Have you met them?"

I figured using the word them instead of him would make me more believable. And it worked. James shrugged back.

"I talked to him. Lanky thing, doesn't look very strong. He needs some meat on those bones. I told him after one night with us, he'll have enough meat on him to take on a tiger."

James laughed at his own joke. As much as I'd like to deny this, my heart stopped on James' words. One night.

"How long is he staying?" I asked, keeping my eyes on my window curtain.

"Don't know, didn't ask him.."

James walked out of my room and left me to the quiet darkness of my room. Soon after I fell asleep on top of my covers. I woke up suddenly from a dream about Lark. I fidgeted around my room for a good hour before deciding that everyone was asleep. I creeped out of my room and down the hall to the back stairs where the guards would be sleeping. I sneaked past Jerold and Guen. The stone stairs were especially cold on my feet as I walked up to Lark's room.

I reached the slim door to the guest room. I tapped against the wooden door with the palm of my hand. And the door opened immediatley. There Lark stood as perfect and still as a statue, but his eyes were tired. At first I was mad at myself because I had woken him up. But then I relized he had opened the door almost exactly after I knocked. He had already been up. Once he saw me he smiled sweetly.

"I guess I'm not the only one who can't sleep around here." He smiled, moving over so I could walk in.

"I'm sorry for coming so late," I started.

"No, it's better you come now." He said smiling.

"Okay." I smiled back

We kept talking about how our day had gone and it's ups and downs. Then there was a knock at the door. Our eyes widened and I ran for behind the door. Lark opened the door and I heard my father's rusty voice,

"Are you talking to yourself in here, boy?" he asked.

"No, sir! Just, uhm, praying.. Sir." Lark fumbled back.

"Oh. Well keep it down alright? My daughter needs her beauty sleep. She's no where close to you," my father lied. "But if I can hear you all the way upstairs, she might be too."

Lark apologized as my father walked back to his bed chamber, then he shut the door. We giggled like crazy and as quietly as we could. He play-shoved me and laughed saying,

"You got me in trouble."

"Not me!" I whispered back, softly pushing him.

We shoved  eachother and play-fought, until he wrestled me up against his bedstand. The energy grew, intensified and I pulled his head to mine to kiss him. Our lips met and my hand moves from holding his wrists to tangled once again in his hair. His hands moved to my waist where he traced small patterns on my stomach and hips. I came up for air and he made his way down my neck with sexy kisses. I knew what I was doing. James had told me this before.

I pulled his head back up to face me and stared into his eyes. Those eyes stared back full of excitement. I kissed him again, this time leading his hands down my thighs. Then letting go, to pull off his thin cotten shirt. His body was perfectly built. His skin was pale and marble smooth I stared at his perfectly chisled abs and ran my hands over his chest and stomach. He caught me staring and smiled devilishly. He reached out his right arm and pulled me close to him.

We kissed a little more and while he kissed his way down my arm, I drew my nightgown over my head silently. Now I was only in my corset and undies. He hadn't noticed until he looked back up form kissing my wrist and saw my laced up purple corset and ruffled undies. His eyes gleamed with desire and he moved to be over me on the bed. But before he could lay down, I slipped off the bed. I smiled andjumped out into the hall running back down the stairs to my room. The guards were still asleep, which was ashame because I knew that both of them lusted after me.

Once in my room I remembered I left my nightgown on his floor.

Oh well. He'll have to clutch at that until tommorow night. I thought to myself happily.

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