A Mysterious Guest - Short Story Ch. 3

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Part 3 is here! Yup. I couldn't wait any longer! There is no real summary for part 3 but! A note: Please comment! They are greatly appreciated! ;) thanks!

Submitted: March 25, 2011

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Submitted: March 25, 2011



I woke to the sounds of the waves and chirping birds outside my window. I rolled and stretched around in my bed until Olive knocked on my door.

"Miss Mella? Are you up?" Olive called.

"Come in!" I called.

Olive silently walked in and shut the door behind her. She stepped over to my balcony doors and pulled them open, letting the warm summer air wash in my room. I stood up and unwound my feet from the silky sheets. I heard Olive gasp. I looked over to her as she had her hand covering her eyes.

"What?" I asked her.

"I didn't realize you had not had your gown on, Ma'am" Olive croaked.

I looked down. Oh! She was right. I had forgotten my gown in Lark's room. Of course I couldn't tell her about that. She got me a robe to cover myself as she made her way back from the bath cabinet to get my bath salts. I had to come up with an excuse for being completely disrobed, when, the last time she'd seen me I had been fully dressed in my favorite gown.

"It was very hot last night.." I finally pulled together an excuse.

"Oh! I must had forgotten to open your windows!" Olive declared.


I felt bad for blaming Olive. Especially when she was such a great maid. She filled my bath with the rich Jasmine salt and Jerold and Guen brought in the largest tub of hot water in the castle. Pouring the hot water into my marble tub, they wanted so badly to stay and watch me bathe. I saw the desire and lust in their eyes. I smiled to myself a little when Olive told them to leave and their hearts broke right there before my eyes. Their eyes reminded me of Lark. His eyes staring into mine, and the last bit of eager anticipation as I began to run down the hall. Olive brought me back out of my day dream.

"Miss, you do want me to send Flem up around nine o' clock this morning, right?" she asked, as if to check with me for a second time.

Fleming Westly was the most well thought of beauty parlor in the kingdom, maybe even in the next four over as well. He, Fleming Westly, but as we called him Flem, was our royal hair dresser and beauty. It was usually a big event he came up for. So why would he be coming today? Last time I saw him was before the ball, four nights ago. I struggled in my mind to think of his reason to visit. But eventually I gave up and asked Olive why he would be called on today.

"Miss, you haven't forgotten your brother's wedding, have you?" Olive was shocked.

"Oh goodness! I remember!" I floundered.

My brother was marrying Hannah Millton. She used to be a market girl in the city. But he saw her on an outing with the military unit.

"Instantly fell in love," he had said a few months ago.

Hannah was like the sister I've always wanted. I hadn't seen her since the ball either.

"Yes, one is fine." I told Olive as she took my robe and left the room.

~9:00 am~

My hair had been drying when I heard Flem's signature knock on my door.

*thud* *thud* *tick-ity* *tick* *tick-ity*

Olive and my second maid Cheira opened my door. Flem stood like he too, were royalty.I walked over to Flem with open arms. Flem was maybe mid-thirties but looked about twelve with his up turned nose and bright blue eyes.

"Mell! My dear! It's been too long!" Flem said as he squeezed me tight.

"I saw you four days ago!" I laughed.

I always found myself laughing around Flem.

"Begin!" he said to his ladies.

In an instant I was being sat down in my lounge while the ladies buffed my body to perfection, once again. Flem himself, took position at my head. He twirled, curled and pinned quietly, until his ladies needed instruction on powder choice. Then resumed his place at my head. It felt like minutes, but I knew it was hours. At around one o' clock they brought in my maid of honer's dress. They fit me to perfection and Flem stood back appreciating his work.

"Wonderful! My best work! Best! Really.. Stunning!" Flem announced, although he says this everytime.

Another knock at my door. James and my father poked their heads in.

"Dressed?" James asked.

"Yes." I smiled at him.

My father and brother took a long look at me. They concluded I was acceptable.

"Beautiful." My father said.

"She'll even outshine the bride!" Flem announced.

James' eyebrows raised. He had never been a fan of Flem. And this comment, might have just tweeked Flem down on my brother's list.

"Not today I won't" I winked at James.

"This is her day and I won't upstage her on it!" I finished flashing my teeth.

But as I looked in the mirror I realized I very well could have upstaged her at her own wedding. My light blond hair was pinned and rolled up into a sophisticated french twist. And my dress was s beautiful luminescent pink. My green eyes, same as my brother's, popped in contrast with the pink. I smiled either way. This calmed James.

"Mella, I have a guest for you. James has moved Lark up 'Best Man' since I know you don't like Peter." my father told me.

Peter was my brother's best friend. But all my life, Peter had been an annoying blob of snot to me. I didn't like him one bit. Just then James stepped into the hall and returned with Lark. I was in shock. Would he expect me to tell my father and brother? Did he think I already had? While I was freaking out mentally, Lark bowed and said in his beautiful, smooth voice,

"Nice to meet you, Princess Mella."

I was in awe. Does he want to keep this a secret? I curtseyed to him and choked back fear.

"It's nice to meet you too.. err.." I pretended to not know his name.

"Lark, princess." He said sweetly.

"Nice to meet you too, Lark." I smiled.

We were playing our little game of staring. His smoldering glare felt entirely too heavy for a friendly gaze. I looked to everyone else who had left. Only Olive was in the room with us, and she was making my bed.

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