Fairytale gone bad

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Story of a girl who loved a boy...her suffering. Story is true and I think many people will find them self her...

Submitted: May 01, 2007

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Submitted: May 01, 2007



When she looked at that sight she was completely out of the blue...She felt the pain she has never felt before. Pain in her chest.
Year ago she was just another ordinary girl. Her name was Anna. While all of her friends already had a couple of boyfriends, she was waiting for a right guy. Her friends were saying to her that she is stupid 'cause that, but she didn't care. She was one of that people which everybody loved. Always smiled and willing to help. Even though sometimes that cost her a lot.
After a long years waiting... her prince charming finally came. It was like a fairytale. She met him one early morning in front of her school. Soon she found out that he will be in her class. At first she didn't liked him too much...But every new day she realized more and more things about him. They talked about everything. They were almost like a couple. There was a time she thought that they are going to be one. But at the last moment he'd always back out... and over again. All that time he didn't had a girlfriend neither did she. Every day she wanted a kiss... but at the end she was kind of happy with a his smile. Every day she wanted a hug...but at the end she was satisfied with a simple word coming from his mouth.
Every night she cried in her bed... But at the morning she was satisfied just looking at him. Her story wasn't like the others. She suffered not knowing what to do. Waiting...waiting...
And then one day she saw... He was there with her best friend. Doing things she only dreamed of. He was kissing her the way she dreamed that he would kiss her. It was hurting her more then anything. She couldn't really tell him how much he hurt her. Day after that in school he didn't spoke a word...One single word to her. Smile on her face just disappeared. She spent all her days in bed with a pain in her chest... The pain that only true love can bring.
She was like that for a few months and then one day at school she found out that they broke up... He again began speaking to her. And ask her forgiveness. And she...She forgived him. What else could she do?? Her pain was unbearable but at least it was a little less of her. It was hurting her that he thought about her just as friend... Her fairytale is unfinished. Her story is unfinished. What will he do? What will she do? Will her fairytale going to have sad or happy ending' That is yet to come...People change...Maybe she will get over him...let him go... And maybe he will realize...

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