My perfect country

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Perfect isn't always good...

Submitted: April 24, 2007

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Submitted: April 24, 2007



I am waking up. Dream. It was just another my dream. Every night I fall into an imagine world. There is happiness. Peace and love rule. Smile is on an every face.

Suddenly for the first time I realize. Dreams and reality. Two completely different things. But somewhere on the middle they meet and become one. That is how I, while trying to find a perfect country, found Bosnia. Country not perfect, but  good enough for me.

War that was there had shown the strength and power of Bosnian people. In the spring wind carries you on his back. In summer you fly over the hills covered with flowers. In the autumn you get surrounded by colors of rainbow and in the winter snow covers your hair...Then you can feel love that she is giving to you.

Bosnian towers, statues and old cities. Bosnian lives unusually attract unknown visitors and make them to stay. Bosnian towers full of mysteries... All that makes to never again abounded home. Because home isn't there where we were born or grew up, is there were heart is. I heard that many times but now I realize what it means.

I can't tell anyone that my country is the best; everybody has to go throw their destiny and life journey until they found out that... Some sooner and some later... Some maybe never... I realized that perfect doesn't exist. It is just a fraud to people so they could think all their life that nothing is good enough. Perfect isn't good always. We are going to start live life then when we realize and accept what we have...

I still dream. But now I dream about my country. About my life... And every morning I wake up with a smile at my face knowing that I live that life. Knowing that every day is a new day...

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