Mark my heart part 1

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Its about love that is all that matters

Submitted: September 27, 2008

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Submitted: September 27, 2008



The moon light shines down upon this big red brick mansion well inside of this mansion stands Brian Smith  a well known actor he has long black hair, green eyes, and muscular body he is wearing a black shirt, dark red vest, black jeans, and dark red dress shoes. He is standing in the foyer by front oak doors will on the right side of him is his security guard Mike he is  tall, has a buzzcut, and he is also muscular. Mike is holding on to a silver necklace with a mall heartthe reason why Mike is holding this neckless is because Brian has already gave away 6 hearts to 6 of the 20 women as Mike is holding on to the last heart Brain is trying to decide who well get it. Because this is a reality show for Brian to find his love the name of the show is (Mark My  Hart) there are cameras all over the place watching Brain right now.

Brian: ( Takes the heart from Mike) " I have to pick Amy Long come down here and get this." 

 Amy Long is in a short red dress in high red hills she walks out of the line and walks up to Brain he places the necklace over her head then gives her a slow centeral kiss and she kisses him back slow and centeral then she went back to the line with the other women.

Brian: " Well for the women that did not get a necklace I am sorry to say that you have to go but I did enjoy meeting you all."

As the women walked by Brain to leave. They gave him a kiss slow and a hug and said " goodboy" will the last woman to walk up to him was wearing a blue blouse, blue skirt, and white tenshoes as she walks up to him she smiles at him and says " I can't believe you for got your old friend" Brian says "  I am sorry I can't remember the face when i asked you your name before you would not give it to me will you give it to me now honey?"

The woman: ( Smiled as she looked him in the eyes) " It's me Betty Wood."

Brian smiled so big and told her " wate right here don't you move" he ran off down the hall past the corner to the other hall and stop at a red door and he opened the door the room is the production room with the production people  and with Brian's Manager James standing behind them in his brown suit when Brian opens the door.

Brian: " I have to add her please make the call to the Big man."

James: ( Gets on his cell phone and makes the call to the big man) " HI sure i know your watching right now and he just came in here to ask if we can add this one woman."

Will ever one is still standing in the foyer Betty was biteing her nails and looking around the room will the other women stood in slinets and Mike stood there smileing when Brian came walking back into the room the women smiled and he walked up to Betty and said " get back in the line " Betty gets back in the line and smiles at him.

Brian: " Will it looks like we are going to be adding one more woman and I say why don't you gorgeous women go up the stairs and pick out a room and and unpack and then come back down here and lets get to know each other better."

The women ran to the stairs as they ran to the stairs caring their suitcases and makeupcases up with them well Betty stands still looking at him smiling and he smiles back at her and he walks up to her and puts his arms around her and she holds on to him and then jumps on him holding him with her hands and her legs rapped around him he walks with her in to the liveing room like that. the Liveing room is  big and the walls are painted tan and ther carpit is tan the the big red couch is in the middle of the room with two floor laps on each side of the couch, the bar is over in the left corner with 3 chairs, 3 ceiling fans with lights  a TV in front of the couch hanging from the wall well on the right side of them room is a big red chair,and a steel floor lamp. Brian and Betty go and set on the couch he holds her close and she holds him close.

Betty:( Smiles at him as she rubbs his cheeks) " I can't believe you forgot me."

Brian: ( Puts his arms around her and holds her) " well it has been along time and I have not heared from you in along time."

Betty: " You could pick up the phone to it's not like it's all myfalt."

Brian: " I am not saying it's your falt I am just saying you could call or I  should of called " ( He lays his head on her shoulder) "for give me."

Betty: ( Runs her nails up and down his back slow and easy) " I will forgive you if you will for give me."

Before he could say any thing eles  the women came running down the steps  and ran into the liveing room the April takes Brian's hand and pulls him away from Betty and pulls him up and walks him over to the couch as he looks back at Betty April pushes him down on the chair and sets on his lap will Amy sets on his over leg and they both rubb his chest. Betty gets up and walks over to the bar and walks be hind the bar and gets her a bottle of beer Anny walk up and sets in the chair in front of the bar and Betty hands her a bottle of beer to well the other women played music on the TV from the dvd player and started to dance around the room the women pulled Brian away from Apirl and Amy and he started to dance with them Anny asks Betty " What was he like when you now him?"

Betty: " He was what he is today this is one thing about Brian you got to love he is who he is and he will never change no matter what he will never be a stuck up person."

As she was watching the women danceing with him and kissing him and Amy takeing off her top  flashing the people and Brian they all went "OOOOOO yes" then Apirl did it Betty walked out of the room and walked up to the stairs and went into the bed room on the and layed down on the floor and fall asleep will every one was down stairs parting have a good time danceing and drinking and talking then time started to wind down and every one headed to bed.

When morning came and every one was still in bed up stairs Mike walked into each bedroom looking for Betty when he fund her laying down on the floor in the cornerhe taped her on the shoulder easy she woke up and looked up at him he whispered " Follow me" she get up on her feet and followed him down the stairs turned the left corner and stopped at a closed wooden door she opened the door and it was Brian's bed room as she opened the door she saw. The room was big there was a king size bed with black blanket and pilows will in front of the bed was a TV hanged from the wall will on the left side of the bed acrossed from it was a closed door, a window on the right side of the door with the curtains shout and on the right side of the bed was a another door closed crossed from it well aganst the wall was a dresser, and in the middle of the room was a smaill table with candles lit will on the table was brackfest and Brain standing on the right side of the table in is white robe holding a sun flower with a smile Betty walks into the room and closes the door be hind her and walks up to him and he hands her the flower and pulls out her chair from under the table she setts down in the chair and he acroos from her.

Betty: ( Smiles and smells the flower) " Thank you I am shocked that you remember that I love sunflowers."

Brian: ( Smiles) " How can I forget you loveing sunflowers I remember that one day when we came across that sunflower field and Tom dared you to strip down and run thow the field nacked and you did it and when you came out off that field you were cute up on ur ass and tites and you had burrs all in your hair I told you not to do that."

Betty: ( Laugh) " you know me I can never turn down a dare well when he said he would give me 20 dallers I was in."

They sat and eat and drank and talked and laughed Betty says " I remember when you came over to play ball and in the middle of the game as we were throwing the ball I flashed you and you turned red so to get  back at me you falshed me your will you know and you did not know my dad was behind you and he was comeing at you to kick your ass so you ran like hell down the street that was the fasted I ever seen you run"  they both laughed Brian said " I was scared I did not know if your dad would rip it off" Betty said " yes he would do that " all of a sudden there was a knock at his door he got up to get the door as he opened the door  there stood Amy Brian turned on the lights with the light switch on the wall and Betty blow out the candles and got up and walk out of the room room and Brian watched as she turned the corner and she asked Amy " yes how can i help you?"

Amy:( Is in a short nighty grabed him and kissed him deep and slow and he kissed her back slow and easy) " I just wanted to say good morning."

Brian: " Will good morning you should go and get ready we have along day ahead of us all long and fun."

Amy went to get ready will ever other women was dressed and eating breackfest will Betty was up stairs getting out of the shower and getting dressed she put on a red tank top and blue jeans and her white tineshoes and walked down stairs and walked out to the back yeared to have a smoke. Well Brain stepped out of his bath room that is in his bed room on the left side of the bed he put on his t shert and shorts and thongs Mike knocked on the door Brian said " come in Mike" as Mike walked in to the room he saw the big smile on his face.

Mike: " So Betty and you must of been something if she can put that smile on your face."

Brian: ( Sat on his bed will Mike sat down in the chair by the table) " Betty and I we were something ooo right."

(Flash Back)

In 1998 we were in our teen I was  14 turning 15 it was my birthday and Betty was 14 we were haveing a birthday party at my house in the back yeard the yeard was bigger then the house so we were haveing the party outside the sun was out and it was a warm fall we all were playing kick ball it was fun but Tom kicked the ball to hard that it went behind the motorhome so I ran be hind the motorhome to pick up the ball when I got the ball and when I turned there she was standing there she didn't say any thing she just grabed me and gave me a big kiss and i dropped the ball i was so nerves I moved my hands up and down because I did not know what to do with them she stopped kissing me as she heard someone comeing it was her dad she stopped kissing me and picked up the ball and ran out to play kick ball she was my first kiss and I was her's.


Mike: ( Leaned back in the chair) " so I take it this was the one you told me you lost your cherry 


Brian: " No she is not the one me and her never realy did that we just make out and hold each ohter and talk she and me never got that close to that."

Mike: " I am sorry but we need to start the game up."

Brian handed him the letter to give to the women as Mike walked out of the room with the letter Brain keep thinking of Betty when Mike got to the liveing room he rang the loud bell in the liveing room all the women ran to the liveing room even Betty ran in to the liveing room Mike handed the letter to Anny she read the letter out loud the  letter said " it ws fun to get to know who all but now the game begins and u better have on your bowling shoes" most of the women were not dressed for bowling so they ran up to get the right cloths for bowling so they ran up to get ready so when they ran up Betty went back out for a smoke as Brain was passing though the liveing room to tell the women to meet the car's out side by 8 as he was telling Amy,Anny, and Apirl that to tell the other women he saw Betty out side smokeing he walked out to the back yard were  she was smoke and said " What is this when did you start?"

Betty: ( Takes and smoke) " I don't know it just comes me down make me feel good."

Brian: " I remember when you put down smokers with me" ( takes the cigarette from her fingers and puts it out on the grownd ) " You have me to make you realx and feel good" ( he puts his arms around her.)

Betty: ( Whispers) " keep it fair for the other women."



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