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This is my new story different kind.my 10th no story
In my story the main theme is poverty, human trafficking, corruption, courage…..

Submitted: November 01, 2012

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Submitted: November 01, 2012



This is my new story different kind.my 10th no story
In my story the main theme is poverty, human trafficking, corruption, courage…..
In this world no one is believable. U can’t say I am safe. Everywhere u finds corruption & torture to the poor people &child abuse, human trafficking . But how many of you fight against it. Very few people, because we fear them ,we have not that much courage to say . We don’t want to kill our future in our own hand, that’s why we always think it’s better to live quite & tolerate everything & just like GANDHIJI’S 3 MONKEY (I respect mahatma Gandhi & I love his ideology ,& the reason behind these 3 money ,but now a days it’s meaning is changed means he has told us not to use wrong words , not to listen wrong thing , not to here wrong things but in this generation we do it in opposite way ) …if we see any wrong work we just shut out mouth & don’t tell anything to police or anyone ,we close our eyes just like we had not seen anything but we see ,we hear everything that someone is calling for help but behave like we never listen any voice when that voice irritate us more we just leave that place as soon as possible. These may be worst words but TRUE . But we don’t know we indirectly support them. No doubt we are against any wrong work/illegal work but we indirely support then like this . When ever we see any wrong / illegal work ,We think it’s better to be silent. Because the people who are doing wrong work, they are v.rich & they have money , power so they can buy anyone & we can’t fight against them. THIS IS A GENERAL PROBLEM OF EVERY NOMAL HUMAN BEGING, WE ARE COWARD & NO DOUBT WE MAY BE EDUCATED BUT WE DON’T UTILIZE OUR EDUCATION IN PROPER WAY.

In INDIA especially we take mother as GOD & we treat every woman as mother. But I think the time already gone. No doubt our custom & our culture is telling us to do behave every woman like goddess .but in today’s case we do it reverse. Rich people use poor women as like dustbin, as they have no value.
Now I am going to write a story which is based on some truth fact what are really happing in society, human trafficking is a big issue right now. Here one woman destroys other woman’s life. So in this world u can’t believe anyone. So here I m going write a story on based on this .this is purely imaginary .My aim is to aware the people & help them by writing these…
A girl nearly 17 years old, named “LILA”, she was belongs to a very poor family, she was uneducated, but looked too beautiful. She had 5 sisters & she was the youngest one .His father was so tensed for his daughter’s marriage as his earning source was “tea stall” . His father sold his all property for his 4 daughter’s marriage .he couldn’t tolerate everyday’s landlord’s torture, one day he decided it’s better to quit for forever then live. His one decision changed his younger daughter’s life , he died after his LILA become alone ,no one was there to take care of her & no one also there to show sympathy. She was totally alone. Another side the nasty minded landlord thought how he got back his money, at that time some bad thoughts came in his mind. he thought it’s a good chance to get his money back further from his daughter LILA .at last she bounded to work in his house .but his dirty mind always torture her every day, “SATHY” was one of the servant who was working in that landlord’s house .she became fall in love with her. At last they both decided to leave that place & marry & will not return further. Finally they did.
5 years pass
They lived happily with their small family in a small town; they had 2 daughters & one son. “SATHY” was working in a small stall .but may be god couldn’t see their happy life. “SATHY” was suffering from a disease & for this huge amount of money was required , but he was so poor then how could he get this much amount of money .finally LILA decided to work & she went here & there but couldn’t get any work. One of the friend of “SATHY” whose name was AKSHYA who told her to help her for getting a job. But for this she had to go MUMBI there she could get .no doubt at first she feared to go, but for save his husband’s life she decided to do job there .at last she reached at her destiny place. MUMBAI
1 year pass
She‘t became like stone, she came MUMBAI for getting a work .but she did not knew her life will be changed like this .no doubt she got money but in a wrong way, that path she didn’t choose but her situations forced her to this .but she couldn’t got her two daughter who were coming with her, after entering that hell place she couldn’t see the light of sun also. She always prayed to GOD “her life already spoiled but she couldn’t tolerate if her daughters are in that path , She couldn’t forgive herself & she would die if she would see them in that condition “ .another side his husband recovered from that disease but he couldn’t get her wife in home ,as she promised him “she will not work further if he cured & they would live happily further” . He started to search here & there & but couldn’t get her. Another side LILA wanted to meet her husband & wanted to get back her daughters further. Another side “SATHY” was so tensed for his 2 daughters & his wife whom he couldn’t found .he always felt guilty because for him they came MUMBAI for working purpose .at last he decided to get help from police .at first police rejected his complain as he was so poor & police told him “it is a normal case,which happens with ur kind people” he also use some filthy language also .so at last he became frustrated & he decided to search her daughters & wife alone. One day he saw many people were gathered at one place .at first he did n’t mark it but after sometimes his mind said “what was happening” “if I would help someone then may god help me” .so in this purpose he rushed to that place. But when he saw he couldn’t believed her eyes. no doubt he got her little daughter but he didn’t want to get her in such a bad condition .he took her to hospital & doctors take it as police case & at that time police believed his words & promised him to help him get her wife & one daughter back.
Time passed …
6 months after
Now he became hopeless & very much frustrated & he had no believe in any police. Because police promised him to help him to get back her wife & daughters but 6 months passed but he couldn’t get.
One day night he listened one voice that “someone needed help “so he suddenly rushed to that place & at last he saved one needy girl .that girl promised him to help how much she can s he saved his life . she was a journalist & her name was ZINA. But he took it in a silly way.
Time passed he was always worried for his one daughter & wife & became hopeless .one day he further met with ZINA , she found something wrong was happening with his life ,that’s why she asked for the reason behind his sorrow. At first he didn’t tell her anything but after her request he told his story. After listing this she was supersized because she was researching on that. So she told him she will try her best.
8 Months after
Zina couldn’t know from where & whom it was starting means the people who are involved in human trafficking, child abuse. She tried her best but failed at last she decided he had to took help from CBI, one lady was there who was very strong ,they both worked together & for that they had to suffer a lot . Still they never break & finally they found LILA, when she was fighting with her death & at the same day they found LILA’S eldest lost daughter.
They caught them when they were sending to foreign (Saudi Arab)…
No doubt they got her but when they listened their story they became so astonished because how a woman could tolerate these???
But she didn’t cried & told her story to everyone in this world before her death
“THERE IS NO PLACE FOR POOR WOMAN .she was not the only woman many women were there who were suffering from this & if any one cried for help she only got torture .no one was there for listen , they cried for food but they get torture ,they cried to live a peaceful life for one day at least still they don’t get. Now their eyes become dry & because they know this is meaningless .poverty life is like this .where u gave Ur everything in a small price .not fake it’s true. This is real poverty cry where u wants to live with Ur family but it’s too difficult .where u don’t want to sell urself but u bounds to….this is this cruel world. Where poor woman have no place. When a girl child become young they send to prostitute area…because this is the only source to save Ur family from poverty field……………….”
She started her story “after coming to Mumbai”
She reached Mumbai with her two daughters .but after reaching there she couldn’t understand where she would go .she saw one woman who was nearly 30-35 years old was well dressed ,she came near to her & asked her where she came. After talking sometime she offered a job before her with a sufficient amount of money. But one condition was there, she had to go alone & her money will be deposited in her Bank account. So LILA thanks to god as he saved his husband’s life & her family.
So that woman told her driver to take these small children to her home & they would go in auto. But she couldn’t understand how she got a job so easily & so early??? As she needed a job urgently so she didn’t take it in seriously. But when she reached at that place she shocked no words came from her mouth & but after that she couldn’t see the outside world. But she always wanted to get the information about her two daughters. She requested to many people but no one listen. But according to her request they send money to his husband’s account. One day she came to know that they would send to another country for these work. She knew if she tried to go from that place they will kill her still she didn’t care because she couldn’t see “spoil of the small girls life who were like her daughter’s age” . So she finally escape her while they were transferring Delhi to Goa…from Delhi they would be send to GOA from there they would send that foreign country. So in Delhi she got a good opportunity to escape her out & suddenly reach at police station & she informed about this, police reached that place but the people who were involved in this already got the information about this. But how they got know it she couldn’t understand , at last they shoot her but god helped her that’s why she can able to reach in hospital in proper time & could able to save other life. But she didn’t knew that her daughter was also in that list .her daughter already lived a life of abuse. she died after telling these but her voice awake many people who were in dream.
The people who were involved in these they were one of the industrialist, many police officers & one minister …so it take a long time to solve this case & reach at the root. At last they all suspended from job…
“This is just a story & I have tried my best to give life to my story”
Are we safe now, NO …we are still unsafe right now also. We don’t know what will happen tomaorrow.many times many rich girl are also not escape from not …I think a way to stop child abuse would be to give the abusers a good taste of their own medicine. Seriously, child abusers get away with so much sh!t. They never get any real punishment. They should have to suffer the same pain thatthey inflict on their innocent victims. Then only we will be safe & in another way if we help each other …
Here my main theme was how poor people suffer & in which way they enter into this line. The corrupted people are the main reason behind any illegal work. because every illegal work need a master mind & power .but there also a power that is called courage if u have courage to fight against the wrong things then no one can defeat you & even if power & money also….
\\Hope u all like it/

Trafficking of children is a form of human trafficking and is defined as the "recruitment, transportation, transfer, harboring, and/or receipt" of a child for the purpose of exploitation. Though statistics regarding the magnitude of child trafficking are difficult to obtain, the International Labor Organization estimates that 1.2 million children are trafficked each year. The trafficking of children has been internationally recognized as a major human rights violation, one that exists in every region of the world. Yet, it is only within the past decade that the prevalence and ramifications of this practice have risen to international prominence, due to a dramatic increase in research and public action. A variety of potential solutions have accordingly been suggested and implemented, which can be categorized as four types of action: broad protection, prevention, law enforcement, and victim assistance. Major international documents regarding child trafficking include the 1989 U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child, the 1999 I.L.O. Worst Forms of Child Labor Convention, and the 2000 U.N. Protocol to Prevent, Suppress and Punish Trafficking in Persons, especially Women and Children.

Commercial sexual exploitation of children (CSEC) constitutes a form of coercion and violence against children and amounts to forced labour and a contemporary form of slavery.

A declaration of the World Congress against Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children, held in Stockholm in 1996, defined CSEC as: 'sexual abuse by the adult and remuneration in cash or kind to the child or a third person or persons. The child is treated as a sexual object and as a commercial object.'

CSEC includes the prostitution of children, child pornography, child sex tourism and other forms of transactional sex where a child engages in sexual activities to have key needs fulfilled, such as food, shelter or access to education. It includes forms of transactional sex where the sexual abuse of children is not stopped or reported by household members, due to benefits derived by the household from the perpetrator. CSEC also potentially includes arranged marriages involving children under the age of 18 years, where the child has not freely consented to marriage and where the child is sexually abused.

Prostitution of children under the age of 18 years, child pornography and the (often related) sale and trafficking of children are often considered to be crimes of violence against children. They are considered to be forms of economic exploitation akin to forced labour or slavery. Such children often suffer irreparable damage to their physical and mental health. They face early pregnancy and risk sexually transmitted diseases, particularly AIDS. They are often inadequately protected by the law and may be treated as criminals.

Child trafficking and CSEC sometimes overlap. On the one hand, children who are trafficked are often trafficked for the purposes of CSEC. However, not all trafficked children are trafficked for these purposes. Further, even if some of the children trafficked for other forms of work are subsequently sexually abused at work, this does not necessarily constitute CSEC. On the other hand, according to the U.S. Trafficking Victims Protection Act of 2000, the definition of Severe Forms of Trafficking in Persons includes any commercial sex act performed by a person under the age of 18. This means that any minor who is commercially sexually exploited is defined as a trafficking victim, whether or not movement has taken place. CSEC is also part of, but distinct from, child abuse, or even child sexual abuse. Child rape, for example, will not usually constitute CSEC. Neither will domestic violence.

Although CSEC is considered as child labour, and indeed one of the worst forms of child labor, in terms of international conventions, in legislation, policy and programmatic terms, CSEC is often treated as a form of child abuse or a crime.

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