Game of Love # 1 - My Bestfriend, My Girlfriend, My First Love That Never Last (Edited)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Gay and Lesbian  |  House: Booksie Classic

A True Story of Angel, a senior highschool, a cheerdancer.
She used to be straight but there's two girls who took her out in her closet and say hello to the other world.
The world of third sex. The world of love, happiness, pain, pleasure, infatuation, betrayal and emptiness.
Find out who will be the first girl who will teach her to appreciate the world she entered in.
The girl who will she love for the very first time.
The girl who will bring joy, happiness and meaning to her life.
The girl who will drive her crazy.
And the girl who will break her heart into pieces.

Table of Contents

School Fest

  Chapter 1 School Fest I'm Angel, this is a story of mine and it happened 9 years ago. I was 15 years of age ... Read Chapter

The Revelation

  Chapter 2 The Revelation I was always so busy with the rehearsal. I always got home late. Tubby started to g... Read Chapter

Just accept it!

  Chapter 3 Just accept it! It was quite cold outside. I was sitting by the window of my room and I felt the c... Read Chapter

Just another date in Paradise

  Chapter 4 Just Another Date in Paradise It’s another wonderful day that I spent with Tubby. We went to sch... Read Chapter

You fooled me once and that's enough!

  Chapter 5 You fooled me once and that's enough! Sunday night. I just got home from vacation with Tubby at Ca... Read Chapter

The Retreat

  Chapter 6 The Retreat Two months had passed, and we're still not talking. Senior Retreat had come. We're bot... Read Chapter

The Prom

Chapter 7 The Prom It’s the Prom Night. Everybody wore their beautiful dresses. Some of them look sexy. Some are pretty cu... Read Chapter

Graduation and The Kiss

Chapter 8 Graduation Day and the Kiss   Graduation day had come. Everybody was busy with their own grad-things. Few... Read Chapter

Summer Suitor

Chapter 9 Summer Suitor   Its Summer Vacation already, I’m going to be in college and I still don’t know what c... Read Chapter

Hot Love Vacation

Chapter 10 Hot Love Vacation   Taumiey and I spent the vacation together. We went to their rest house near Cave Island, ... Read Chapter

The Last Vacation

Chapter 11 The Last Vacation   One more month to go and I will be in college. I decided to take up Business Adminis... Read Chapter

Her Diary

Chapter 12 Her Diary   First day of school as first year college student, I was feeling nervous and don’t know where t... Read Chapter

Shattered Heart

Chapter 13 Shattered Heart   Two weeks had passed. Both of us became busy with our school. We're still talking everyday ... Read Chapter