Game of Love #2 - Alcoholic Crush

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Before Angel lost her self concious, a young lady walked to her and touched her face “my dear, you'll be ok. Take some rest and when you wake up, there's a new life waiting for you”.

Angel became miserable. What did she do to deserve something like this? To suffered from something she didnt wish to happen.

Is there somebody out there that can heal her broken heart? Who can put back the pieces with honesty?

Can JP help Angel to forget Taumiey? or JP can be also the caused of her game?

JP is totally cute and one of the popular in their school. He has a secret crush on Angel which happen that she also has a crush on him. They have common friends. On the first day they met, they knew that they like each other. But what will happen if JP invite her to a private room? will Angel accept the invitation or not? Find out what will happen.

Table of Contents

The Miserable Me

  *** to fully undertsand this novel, please read first the Game of Love #2 - My BestFriend, My Girlfreind, My First Love That N... Read Chapter