101 reasons why I'm in love with him

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Me. Lily. Non popular, non athletic, just down right not anything. Logan Zarakious is my goal. I've been secretly in love with him for 4 years and this year, my Junior year, is going to be my chance. I'm stealing him away from the Bitch Queen Bee, Jade Ross. My goal is to take her down. If all goes well, you'll read a happy ending, if it goes bad...well....prepare yourself for the worst...

Submitted: December 06, 2011

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Submitted: December 06, 2011



101 reasons why I’m in love with him


I think there are two types of people in this world. There are the ones who play to get even and then there are the ones who don’t play at all. Take my evil sister for example; she is the one who plays to get even and I’m the one who doesn’t want to play so lets flash back to Tuesday, I decided to put ranch dressing in my sisters shampoo bottle because she replaced my red peppermint shampoo with ketchup so I dumped all her shampoo down the sink and put the ranch in her shampoo bottle. That night she was taking a shower all I heard was her horrid screaming when it got into her eyes, all I can say is hilarious, but my sister didn’t think it was so funny, because the next day my mom got a call from my school saying that the principal had proof that I spray painted the girls gym lockers purple and blue, which you know was a total lie considering that the video footage made it obvious that it was idiot sister who did it. Yea it was great watching my mom yell at her for two straight hours, it was pure gold. I would like to say that she didn’t try to prank me again but I can’t, sorry. So on Thursday my sister some how logged on to my facebook account and posted that I’m in love with Justin Zarakious, which btw I am but that’s not the point, I didn’t want everyone knowing that especially not Logan because he’s one of my friends on there, but anyway my sister started chatting with him and now he knows everything that I like about him and the 101 reasons why I’m in love with him……..


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