Some More Things I Hate and Love

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic
Some things I hate/cant stand and love.

Submitted: January 24, 2010

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Submitted: January 24, 2010



Things I Hate/Can't Stand

1. Sharks=seriously? what the hell kind of fish are you!?
2.Small spaces.
3.Preppy girls who think everything revolves around them=news flash! it doesn't.
4. People who start rumors.=get a life!
5.Being bored and hyped up on MONSTER!=not a pretty sight.
6.Vagina tapping.=not funny Janelle! it actually hurts like a mofo!
7.Getting yelled at.=who doesn't?
8.Other people getting yelled at.
9.Twilight Haters.=most of them only saw the movie anyway.
10. People who think they know Twilight from just seeing the movies and pick teams.=READ THE BOOKS AND UNDERSTAND WHY THERE ARE TEAMS!!!
11.Freshmen.=enough said.
12.YMCA Swimmers in Pennsylvania that join the high school team and think they are better than everyone else.
13.Most rap.
!4.Most screamo.=why is that considered music anyway? nobody knows what you're saying!
15. Screaming babies.=someone shut them up.
16.When the TV doesn't listen to you.="Don't go in there! The damn psycho in in there dumbass!" *character screams then dies* "Should've listened to me dumbass! I told you not to go in there. If you would've listened to me you'd still be alive."
17.Computers.=the world would be happier and less complicated if they were gone.
18.The cold.
19. The hot.
20.Stupid people.=find your brain!
21. My english teacher.=she's an unorganized douchebag!
22. When friends fight and expect you to take sides.=i love you both.
23. When friends fight over stupid shit.=grow up!
24. When my mom is in a bad mood.=stay away.
25. When you're sitting in class and just start bouncing up and down singing random ass songs.=i've done this so many times.
26. When the song you hate is stuck in your head all day.=gahhhhhh!!!!
27. Damn swim caps.=isn't there any other material you can make the stupid things out of so, ya know, it doesn't RIPMYHAIROUT dumbass.
28. Guy swimmers that don't have to wear the condoms for your head.=not fair! they should have to wear them too!
29.When you try to say something and you keep getting interrupted.=gahhhhh!!!
30.Living in Pennsylvania.=too much snow and road construction.
31. How almost all hot guys are either taken or gay.=Damn you Adam Lambert! Why do you have to be gay!
32. Pants suck.
33. Liars.
34. Jealousy.
35. School.

Things I Love

1. Swimming.=good anger management.
2. Music.=cheap therapy.
3. My friends.=moments are unforgettable. Brittany-puzzle pieces! LMAO!!!!
4. My iPod.=won't leave the house without it.
5. Food!=gimme a damn cheeseburger.
6. Sweatpants.=I could live in them.
7. Disco Curtis.=four adorable guys that can sing could you not love them? (:
8. Musicals.=movies with music make me happy. (:
9. Monster.=too bad its really bad for you or I'd drink it like I drink water.
10. Bubble wrap.= who doesn't?
11. Aminals.=yes I do know I spelled that wrong.
12. Penguins.= they're so cute and cuddly.
13.Making fun of teachers.=Yo Mineweasy! Haha. d:
14. Annoying the teachers.=(:
15. Singing abnoxiously.=Haha!
16.When the TV listens to me.=*watching football* "Run mofo run!!! Go all the way! Run!!!" tv announcer-"Touchdown Steelers." "WOOOOO!!!!"
Mr. Schue and Puck from GLEE.=yupyup. They're adorable.
18. Swim Team moments are the greatest.=(:
19. Science and History.=they are just so facinating.
20. Keeping my mind open.
21. Goin to swim meets and pointing out all the nice looking guys in jammers and speedos.=oh yeah.
22. My 77 year old swim coach.=I love you Mrs. Am! You're the best coach ever.
23. Watching football with the family.
24. Vampires.= Damn it! why can't you be real!
25. Reading for fun.= If its for English, forget it.
26. Connor Thomas Alexander!= i love you binky!
27. Texting.=mhmm.
28. My crazy ass family.=enough said.
29. Award shows.= it's just so fun to criticize what they're all wearing.
30. Christofer Drew!= how could you not!
31. Watching TV.
32. YOU!= for reading this.
33. My mommy's cooking.=it is the best!
34. Brendan Barone=cutest guy in Disco my opinion...I will marry him one day.
35. Cussing up a storm for no reason whatsoever.= (:

I'll add more when I think of more. (:

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