Once upon a time (Chrisrmas )

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Annie and Amyie are 2 year old twins about to embark on a big journey.
Part of this idea was from My Class.

Submitted: December 23, 2011

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Submitted: December 23, 2011



Once upon a time, Annie and Amyie ran down the stairs at around midnight. Just as they run down, they saw a man in a red suit come in. The man was carrying a bag with toys and stuff. They screamed as the man turned around. He ran towards the kitchen and the girls ran up to their bed. In the morning, they woke up their parents. They all ran down the stairs. The parents went into the kitchen and screamed. Cookies hills and Milk Rivers were all over. Lilly, the older sister, entered the room. She took the girls and went to the tree. “These presents are from Santa” said Lilly. Annie said “their was this creepy dude in our house”. Annie and Amyie are 2 years old and are identical. Lilly Said “that was Santa, he comes at night time”. Amyie said “hes creepy”. Then Annie saw an animal with horns and screams. Then a red dude walked by the deer and tickles the deer. Annie runs out and hugs the reindeer. Then Amyie and Annie hop in Santa slay and went with him. When Santa finally went to the North Pole, the girls sat in awe. The reindeer were flying the sleigh. They landed and Santa got out and looked in the bag. They all screamed. “Ho, ho, how, did you get in here”? Amyie said “We saw pretty deer”. “Oh, so how to get you home…..”? Just then an elf came up to Santa “Moldy Cow, who are these children Santa”? Santa replied “they must have hopped in after I ate all their cookies and milk”. Elf said “Santa, I thought we talked about this, no snacking unless put out”! “I know, but they didn’t and they did last year. Anyways, we need to take these kids home…. Wait, where did they go”? The girls ran to the ELF (Elf Learning Facility). They saw babies with pointy ears and they ran to the classroom with the elf children. The teacher kicked them out into the preschool. They sat and made new friends. Meanwhile, at Santa’s office. “Hello, yes Mrs. Potter. Yes, they are here. I can bring them next Christmas. I’m sorry, that’s when. OK, BYE!” *One Year Later* Amyie was building a Rocking horse when Santa came in. “Annie, Amyie, Come here please with the presents”. “Yes Santa”! The girls ran over to Santa. They put the presents in and hoped in. Then Santa yelled “On Dasher, on Prancer, on Rudolf, on all”. Then they flew over to their old house and Annie said “why are we stopping here”? Santa Replied “I knew we should of came earlier, I mean you don’t know”? They shook their heads, “Well, this is your old house”. Annie said “what, you said we lived on the North Pole”? “No, you lived here, and then you hopped into my sleigh and you came with me”! Amyie said “We’re Sorry, we didn’t mean to”. “It’s ok girls”. Then he rang the doorbell. “Hello…. GIRLS”!!!!!!!!!! They all hugged and went inside. Then the girls said goodbye to Santa and then he left saying “Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night”! The End

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