Standing Strong :)

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Kali is a girl with a bunch of friends, then her life changes when the bully's come.

Submitted: December 03, 2011

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Submitted: December 03, 2011



Standing Strong

My Name is kali. My full name is Kali Nicole Sherwin. I live with my family in South Dakota. I go to school at Riverside Elementary and Middle School. I am in 6th grade. Weird that two schools are put together right? My Friends are Violet, Taylor, Britney, Brauna, Haylee, Ashley, Cristina, Jessie and Kristina. Cristina and Kristina are not twins. I have other friends though. This is my Story.

Chapter 1

So I am walking up and down the hallway in our house, waiting for Brauna. Finally I see her coming up the Street. I grab my backpack and my laptop bag, when she knocks on the front door.

When we start to walk to school, I notice that something or someone is following us. “BOO” Screamed Haylee. Me and Brauna screamed as she screamed, then we all laughed. Then we cross the busy highway to the school. When Brauna and I have book club, a Squirrel can cross the road without being hit by a car. Finally we arrived at school. Me, Brauna and Haylee walk into school, we all go set out backpacks on the tables in the commons, so we can see if we have everything. Then the 7:50 bell rings to tell us school starts in 10 minutes and we can now go to our lockers. I go to my locker to see Violet right next to me. I met Violet at Brauna’s 10th birthday party. Once all our stuff is in our lockers, except for our books and stuff, we walk into Mrs. Jones Classroom. She is very nice and she gives us candy on occasions if we get stuff right. I and Violet sit in front of the classroom; sadly, there are three more weeks of school left. The bell rings and we sit down, so we can have Reading time. After 15 minutes, the announcements start. Then we all stand for the pledge of allegiance. Then they talk about things that are happening, and then the Principle says some words of encouragement. Then we go to our music classes. There are 3 classes: Orchestra, and Band. Cristina and Ashley are in the Elementary side of school. I walked into the orchestra room to see all the chairs and music stands. Then I see my orchestra teacher standing by the piano, waiting for people to come up with their instruments, so she can tune them. Then we sit down in our seats and play what we want, until she says to stop. Then we start with Mahler with a twist By: Gustav Mahler. For our Concert (on June 2nd) we are playing it. I forgot to say I play the violin, Haylee plays cello. Then we run through our concert songs till 9-9:03. Then we sit in our seats or stand by the door. Then the bell rang and I walked through the long hallway to Social Studies. My teacher is Mr. Maine, as in the state of Maine. Violet is in Science, though I wish she was in Social studies. She also is in a different Math class then me; I am in the slower class with Mrs. Jones. Today we are learning about the State Of Maine (LOL- Laugh out loud)! Then, one boy says “Mr. Maine, Is Maine your home state”? He said yes. Then the boy passed a note to a girl; and she laughed. Once I got the note, it said his name is where he was born, he he he! I then raise my hand and he says yes? I say “I saw that this note was being passed around the class by Mia” (yes, his name is Mia, he he. Back at ya Mia). The teacher walked passed my desk and picked up the note. He had a blue slip and a pride slip in his hand! A Blue slip is pretty much a naughty slip; a pride slip is a good slip. He gave the blue slip to Mia, and he put the pride slip on my desk. I was happy! Then the clock striked 9:52. Then the bell rang and I went to my locker to get my binder and textbook. I then closed my locker and went into Mrs. Jones’s classroom. Then she told us that we were having lab today, our lab was to see which mineral is mostly see-through. So while we were doing that, Mia and Tyler were sneaking around, trying to take other peoples rocks. I walk over their and say “Why are you taking other people’s rocks”? I was just finishing my question, when they pushed me into the bookshelf. They would have gotten in trouble, but Mrs. Jones was out of the room picking up a printout. They said “what are you going to do? Tattletale on us?”, then they laughed at me I sat their until the clock stricken 10: 41. Then the bell rang, and we all went to lunch.

But me.

I went to the office to get some ice for the back of my head. That was just the beginning of the day.

Chapter 2

I go to the Cafeteria and go to the Fast-food line (they have pizza, and I like their pizza). So when I am out of the line, I go and sit with all my friends. Violet said what happened? I told them what happened. They all said it was very mean of them. Then I go through the rest of my day, sad and upset. But after school: I was just cleaning my locker, when Mia and Tyler knocked the books out of my hand. They giggled and ran off laughing. I ran out the door to find Maggie, my older sister. She was sitting under the big oak tree by the indoor pool (that’s where some of my gym classes are held). So I and Maggie went to find LillyAnna. She is a girl in my class. She waited by the flag poll, and she gave me her backpack. I hated carrying her bag; it is hard on my back. So when we got home; after we walked her home; I went on my laptop. Then later I went to bed.

In the morning, I got up and got my hair and makeup done (I also got dressed and stuff). Then I went to school. I then went to Mrs. Jones. She asked what what’s wrong, and I told her about yesterday. She said another student had reported that too, but she didn’t believe me. I left the room Crying, wanting to go home. But, I didn’t. After lunch, we all went outside. I usually run on the track, but I was depressed. At least this isn’t like other bullying, where they hurt them so much, they stay home from school. Then Mia walks towards me. He said “what are you doing, Scardy cat, huh”? I said “leave me alone”! He responded “I can hurt you if I wanted to”. “Yea, well I’m on the swim team”. “SO WHAT”! I tried to run, but he wouldn’t let me out. Then, Brauna and Haylee came up behind mia and said “boo”! Mia screamed and ran off. Haylee said “always works”. Then we all giggle. It was pretty funny. Then Tyler came and said boo! It scared them back. “No one hurts my friend” he said. Then the bell rang thank you bell, you saved me from getting beaten up! Then as I went and lined up to go inside, they pushed me down. I had a big gash on my knee. I ran to my locker and got my handy-dandy First aid kit. I used a butterfly band aid and it looked just fine. Then while we were having free swim in gym, Tyler came up behind me and dunked me under the water. Then just as I was going to lose air, Violet pushed him out of the way and I came back up. I thanked Violet a lot, she saved my life! Then I saw the band aid fell off and I was bleeding. I got out of the water and ran strait to the office. I did forget to tell the gym teachers, but they weren’t their when I got out and I was gushing blood. The office lady put a huge band aid on it. Then I went back to see that the whole gym class was staring at me like I was crazy. Then the next thing I know, I was in the water belly down. I couldn’t move or anything. Then I fell asleep.

Chapter 3

My friends tell me I was lucky to be alive.

They tell it like this.

When I fell, I was really pushed from behind, no wonder I was being stared at. Then they some splashing, and then I floated down. The gym teachers came to see me at the bottom. The boys were yelling at anyone who was underwater. The teachers grabbed the boys and took them off to the Principal’s office. They came to save me. They never told me what happened after that. But, as I was waking up I heard a loud beeping. I awoke on a hospital bed with people staring at me like before. I heard my friends screaming to see me.

Let’s cut short, I know suspense was building up. I was back in school on the last week of it. I caught up, and their was no sign of Mia and Tyler. Relief! It was the most peaceful week of 6th grade EVER!!!

Then summer came.

FUN! No School. It’s like nothing is going on, just television. Taylor, haylee and me went to open house, and then I saw them. Tyler and Mia. Taylor Whispers to haylee “that’s it, those mean boys are the worst and I can’t stand Kali crying in my ear”. I say “well, sometimes I cry, but not in your ears”! I run, but there is no where to run in school. I leave and run home, past the new dentist that I am getting braces from. I run and scream into a pillow. I stay inside for the rest of vacation. Then on the first day of school Taylor comes to my front door with bubble wrap. I walk out the back door and go to school. This year my teachers moved a grade level and I have them. The boys are their too. What should I do, I can’t trust anyone now, Can I? I like the song who’s laughing now by Jessie j. But anyways, I go to class and when I get their, the boys look innocent but I don’t trust them. There is a new teacher named Dr. Charleston for science this year. So when we did our molds, I knew I couldn’t trust the boys. When I was working with Taylor, the boys dumped a bucket of plaster on me and then filled it with water and did the same thing. I was upset and cried plaster tears the plaster dried fast. I was a white non-toxic Popsicle. Couldn’t do anything about it until I got home. Then it just got worst.

Can I get advice on anything now??

Chapter 4

Like they say in horror movies, my life is a horror movie.

I realized something, I could go to guidance. They help with issues.

I walk their right after gym.

*The next day*

My life is better, the boys got in deep trouble. They were issued blue slips. I am so happy,

My life is finally backed to normal.

That’s my story.

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