"*....Dear Diary....*"

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic
I like to sit, walk and talk-breathing goes ok for me, if you know what i mean. You don't? You aren't well acquainted with crazy ole me? How i hate my brother (my personal hell on earth)my mother(Who is absolutely prejudiced) and my writing (Which is sure to surprise you) and me(treat me like an angel and i will take you to heaven).....

Submitted: August 07, 2009

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Submitted: August 07, 2009



9TH March 2009


Dear Diary,

 Yesterday I walked to school and drove home, I cried during swimming class which nobody guessed because I was swimming and I slept during history (which any normal kid would be doing after a rough day) and I danced during the national assembly. Ha-ha, you should have seen the look on the principal’s face, good thing he didn’t bark which he usually does. But mostly, the real crappy stuff came later which to tell you the truth which really bites for I know you would be disappointed. My best friend broke up with me. I KNOW, upsetting, unsettling and hurting. To tell you the truth, I really feel none of it. I don’t feel hurt, nor upset and nor unsettled. I just feel lonely, that’s all. And what really bites comes up next, the guy I had a crush on started going out with my worst enemy. Well, litter to the dog and all that. I knew he was made of that stuff, choosing that over me. I mean seriously! Come on!

I had a really long day yesterday, to tell you the truth. Today was the short day but I guess it would seem long tomorrow. You know how it is. Any way, my biology teacher told us how to prepare for the exams but I didn’t listen and now I am sort of lost and I don’t know what the teacher might do if I go to him tomorrow and ask him because he sort of told us to pay attention as he won’t tell us again. Get my point?

My stupid brother recorded me singing in my washroom and because there was so much watery trickle sound, I don’t think I sounded that good as I normally do.

Mother told me to help her, I told her sure, but only if she would pay because I hadn’t received my previous pocket money (I wonder why) so she got really angry and told me off saying that it was my own fault for going sneakily to a party (Even though I swear it wasn’t my fault, I mean, how come they expect me to stay at home and miss the party of the year, right?)

But no, here comes the nasty part, mum said I never gave her money whenever she cooked so why do I expect some dough. I told her I wanted money not sticky old dough, and if she wanted it she could keep it herself. Plus she never seemed to need money because dad provided her enough as well as her decorating job, if you know what I mean. I mean, being an interior decorator is a big deal and all but I don’t work so how does she expect me to fend for myself? I am getting prepared for that bit in school!

“Shut up and go to your room, you are grounded young lady!”

That was the worst bit. I started crying and yelling the same time, and she seemed harassed because snot was dribbling down my nose, I mean I know its ew and all but I had to do it ok, and all those girls out there, don’t try this at home because it really doesn’t work. All they do is sneer at you. I love mother but today she seemed absolutely evil, I tell you, and its all because of my stupid dim witted half eaten by a huge tarantula brained idiotic excuse of a brother. He went around and tampered with her temper because he put a huge dead rat on her bed. I stormed upstairs and the first thing I did was,

“You are dead, and if I don’t kill you now, don’t forget later.”

He started sniggering at me, the little defected pig, “Oh yeah, how you are going to do that? Show me your face?”

“Excuse me?” I screamed, “What does my face have to do with anything?”

“The fact that it’s ugly?” He prodded, “Or the fact that you have an ugly wart on your nose?”

He touched a nerve, “It is not a wart you monster! It is a zit and every hormonal normal girl would have it once in a lifetime!”
“How come Zahra doesn’t have it then?” He said his face innocently genial.

“I hate you! I hate you! I hate you!” I screamed, angry tears trickling down my cheeks.

He stood up in a comical sober manner, with his mouth frowning and asked, “Why are you crying, and why are you so passionate about me?”

It did it. I burst out laughing instead, “Passionate? Passionate my foot, you are the last person on earth I would feel passionate about.”

“You just said you hate me,” He said shrugging.

“Yeah I did,” I peered at him like he was putting me on, “So what?”
“Hatred is a passion,” He gave me a beatific smile.

“No it isn’t,” I insisted.

“It is, you can’t hate someone unless you loved them at some point,” He pointed out.

“Shut up!”

“By the way,” He called out as I turned to storm out. I sighed, turned again and glared at him, “What do you want now?”

“How come you love Edward Cullen so much?” He looked genuinely confused, his stupid eyes gazing at the diary in his hand which I recognized as mine of last year, “He is just a fictional book character.”

“I know he doesn’t exist, your point?”

“You are crazy,” He said, shaking his head in disbelief.

“For Cullen,” I agreed. Then I turned nasty all over again (Don’t worry, being nasty to human beings pricks your conscience, but being nasty to beasts and harmful creatures is actually a pretty good deed!), “You stupid moron, what is my diary doing in your hand?”

“What is your diary doing in my hand?” He said, nonplussed, “Why, just lying there I suppose.” I was ready to slap him, when he resumed to our conversation;

“I have a wacko idiot for a sister, a stern teacher for a mother and a bossy father for a father, what next? A wailing sister for a baby kid?”

“Watch whom you are calling wacko you moron!” I shouted.

“Why watch? You are totally prejudiced you know, about me,” He argued.

“I’m not prejudiced,” I smiled. He raised his brow disbelievingly, “I hate everyone equally.”

He snorted with laughter, “Good one.”

And now…

I am sitting here cross legged, cross armed, and cross browed and wondered why the hell I went to my brother’s room in the first place.

My exam starts within two weeks from today onwards, and I was getting ready to hit the books. I meant literally, if you know what I mean. This time I won’t leave out a chapter. I know too well what happens if you do.

“About 80% of the final exam will be based on the one lecture you missed and the one book you didn’t read.”

Only experience can teach you that. Seriously, do not miss out a thing. Oh man, it is raining, and I was just thinking to head out and watch kung fu panda with friends! It is so cute, I mean, I have watched it like over a million times already, and I still don’t get full of it!
The turtle person is so cool, I mean, the things he say is so wacko and personally very awesome.

Like; "One often meets his destiny on the road he takes to avoid it."

"A mind is like this water, my friend-when it is agitated it becomes difficult to see, but if you allow it to settle the answer becomes clear."

"Quit, don’t quit, noodles, don’t noodles, you are too concerned with what was and what will be, you know there is a saying, yesterday is history tomorrow is a mystery but today is a gift which is why they call it present."

"Look at this tree, I cannot make it blossom when it suits me, nor make it bear fruit before it's time.... Ah yes, but that tree will grow to be a peach tree, you may wish to grow an orange, or an apple but it will grow to be a peach tree."

I know, hot isn’t it? Then Mr. Big Fat Panda has some itty funny bits himself-he is the core of the whole movie, get my point? With the, "I've only seen paintings of that painting," And;

"You're so much bigger than your actions figures-except for you mentis you are about the same."

"I don’t know if my body knows it’s the dragon warrior yet, I need a lot more than dew and a universe juice."

"Come on, how do you think I will beat Talon? I can't even beat you to the stairs!"

Any way, I am stuck with reading a book. Twilight is more like it… I mean, who doesn’t like it? It is the books I have been waiting centuries for and I finally have it.

“Get your ass up and come over here!” My brother yelled, from the opposite corner of the house, “Dinner’s ready!”

I stood up, waiting to pound him into a pulp, if mother has not got there first. She does most of the stuff for me, I tell you that. And, she does not allow vulgar words around the place, so we are stuck with swearing non-verbally. Like those non verbal spells in Harry Potter.

And as you must have noticed, I hate my brother. That goes without saying, although I just said it. I stretch my arm, the book all over me, and my eyes close shut. Maybe I will have a bit of shut eye before I go for dinner. Usual routine you know, going late. Good side is, all the bad things like the scolding is done and over with. Bad side is, I miss out the good parts of food.

Nighty night!


***… SweEt PrInCeSs BuM, Me, HaFsA KaMaL…***

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