The Christmas Vsitor

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This story is about a christmas visitor , who gives matthew , the young man a gift , in which , this gift gives him the power to transport through time , this is a christian story.

Submitted: July 14, 2011

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Submitted: July 14, 2011



The christmas Visitor

this is a story about a young man ,named Matthew whos 10 years old who travels through church history.

by opening up a special book given him by the christmas visitor



IT was the best christmas , he ever had . not one filled with presents , or decorations , but a christmas never to be forgotten . it all started on chirstmas eve , when a man came to our door , he had on a red velvet suit , with white lining , and a cap , and wore a white beard . i thought its santa( great more presents) , but i was wrong he offered me a book , not just an ordinary book , it was gold and it had a aura about it so strong and vibrant , it was called The Book Of Mormon , why is this Gold ? where did you get this ?

The man replied ," from a special friend" . but this is the Golden plates i added . yes he replied ," i want you to read it" the man added ive read it already , i replied . yes but not this version , open it up " he replied

just as i opened it i was wisked away to a different time , and place . it was

bethlehems Inn ... i came up to the Door of the Inn , and knocked , no one answered , but it was nosier than youd expect , so i push the door open , almost knocking the waiter and his tray on to the ground , luckily the inn keeper caught himself. I have no more rooms , he barked . as i thought about it i realized , that in a little stable , not t oo far away the son God would be born ... so i opened up the book to Luke chapter 2 , and then again i was wisked away , to a diffrent place...

it was a field where shepherds watched thier flock . when in seconds a bright light shone down and an angel was in the light . he spoke these words .. FEAR NOT FOR BEHOLD I BRING YOU GOOD TIDINGS OF GREAT JOY , WHICH SHALL BE TO ALL PEOPLE , FOR UNTO YOU IS BORN THIS DAY IN THE CITY OF DAVID , A SAVIOUR , WHICH IS CHRIST THE LORD , AND THIS SHALL BE A SIGN UNTO YOU YE SHALL FIND THE BABE WRAPPED IN SWADDLING CLOTHES LYING IN A MANGER (LUKE 2 :10-12)

and with in seconds again, i was wisked away to the the stable by the Inn

and there i saw Mary and Joseph , and the baby Jesus , i knelt down to worship him . Mary then took the baby from the manger and handed me her baby , I looked down at this Holy baby , and i started to cry like a baby , the spirit was so strong , and again i was wisked away , but back to the present Time . when i arrived back in my house its like time had frozen , everyone was frozen except me and the stranger , as i looked in the door way , there stood The saviour , all decked out in pastel clors and very bright countennace , he was the beareded man , in red velvet .

so it was you the whole time ?

yes he replied

why i asked ?

i wanted to see how you would react

i held my head down in shame and cried , he read my thoughts and said

i forgive you my son , remember when you held me ? , Inasmuch you do it unto your fellowman , ye do it to me .

so what about the gold plates ?

i gave them to you as a gift , so that you may go back and forth serving your fellowman

thank you so Much i love you , i then gave him a hug , he said i love you always , then he disappeared . just after he disappeard life was unfrozen

so who was at the door son? didnt you open it ?

The End

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