Beyond the beyond

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Whats my name? Where am i? WHO am i? Do i go left, or do i go right? Wait, i`m searching for something, but what is it? (Every title seems to be used up, so i came up with a crappy title >_

Submitted: December 22, 2011

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Submitted: December 22, 2011



  It’s dark. Why is it dark? Are my eyes opened or closed? I’m pretty sure they are open.... What have I been thinking of? What’s on or in my mind? What’s my name? Who and where am I? Why am I asking such questions? I’m searching for something, I’m pretty sure.... but what am I searching for?
"Hello? Anybody there?" I asked. Silence. I begin walking with no direction or purpose, I just kept walking. Maybe that way I’ll find for what I’m searching for.... Or someone to talk to and keep me company. I’ve really never been alone in my life, or at least I don’t think so.... where was I staying and who was I staying with before? So many questions, no answers. A light! I see a light yellow light! It’s just as big as a dot done by a pencil, but still, it was better than nothing at all. I walked, or maybe ran, towards it. It got bigger and bigger as I got closer and closer. Then, I was next to it. I stopped and stared at it.
"Why, hello there! You know, it’s not good to stare at people that way!" a voice, but where did it come from? I looked around but saw no one. It did not sound like a male or female voice.
"Erm.... Hi? Where are you? I can’t seem to locate or see you!" I called loudly.
"Well, that’s impolite! I’m not deaf you know, no need to scream. After all, I’m standing right in front of you, you were staring at me!"
"Owh!" I said, in shock. It was the light, it talked!
"But… you’re just a light… How is it that you talk?"
"Ha! Have you seen yourself in the mirror lately? You’re a light yourself!"
"I am?" I stared down at myself. I saw nothing, just more black "Well, if you say so...."
"So, What’s your name?"
"Eh.... I don’t know. I can’t remember if I even ever had one...."
"Same here! Dear me, I can’t seem to remember who I am! I’d like to believe that I am something great though! Maybe a warrior, or a messiah, or maybe a king! Or maybe I’m an angel? Do you think I could be an angel? Or a Dwarf? Yuck! Or maybe an animal?" The light just continued talking (or was it mumbling?) to itself.
"Excuse me, but could you help me? I’m searching for something"
"Oh! Sorry, I guess I must have gotten carried away! I sure could help you, can’t remember what I was doing or supposed to be doing anyway....Ahem, So what are you looking for then?"
"I’m searching.... for something!"
"Yes, yes, but what is that something? I need to know what it is you’re searching for before I can help you, must I not?"
"I.... I don’t exactly know what I’m searching for. I just know that I’m supposed to be searching for something! I was wondering if you could help me search for it"
"I’m sorry, but I do not think I can if I do not know what you are searching for, very sorry though"
I felt slightly disappointed "It’s ok…Well, I’ll be on my way then." I paused, thinking "Do you know where I could find more of.... you?"
"Me?" It asked quizzically.
"You know.... more balls of light" I said
"Ah! Now that you mentioned it.... Yes, yes I do! I saw a red fellow that way just awhile ago!"
"That way?" I searched but failed to notice any red light
"Ah, you do know where your right is, right? Just keep heading in that direction, although I doubt he’d be much of a help"
I did know where my right was, thank God! "Thanks a lot! I’ll be heading off now, Bye!"
"You’re welcomed! Hope we meet again! Had a pleasant talk, we did! Bye then!" If the yellow light had hands, I think he’d be waving goodbye. I waved back, although I bet it was unnoticeable.
After quite a lot of walking, or maybe I was floating, seeing that now I am a ball of light and all, I saw a red dot, floating around in what seemed to be like circles. I could not locate the friendly yellow ball of light now, I must have traveled far.
"Hi there!" I said to the red light. It stopped pacing and I felt as if it was staring at me, it’s eyes boring into me. It evaluating me. Then it begin it’s pacing again.
"I was just wondering could you help me?" I asked. It stopped again.
"Get lost!" It began pacing again.
"You don’t need to be so rude! Are you busy? I’m just here to ask you a question.... Why are you pacing like that?"
"Bah! You lights and your silly questions! Of course I’m busy! Can’t you see me pacing about busily?! A person with half a brain would know I’m a busy man just by looking at me!"
"Owh.... What are you so busily doing then?"
"I’m trying to remember something that I forgot! Something important, if you must know!" he said irritatedly as he kept pacing.
"Oh!" I said excitedly “So am I! Maybe we could lend each other a hand?" He stopped and I bet he was scowling.
"You have no business with me and I have no business with you, now be gone!" and with that he begin his pacing.
I would have frowned if I could frown.
"Well then, could you please tell me where to head to find another light that might help me?" he ignored me.
 There was nothing more I could get out of this red light. Red, suited him well! I looked around, then decided to move South. I kept moving until I felt bored. After leaving the ill-tempered red light, all I saw was more and more darkness. To my right, left, up and down; darkness. The feeling of fear began creeping up inside of me, increasing my anxiety. I felt cold. What if I did not meet any more of those weird light beings anymore? What if I am lost and never will be found? Panic rising, I moved faster. Then something caught the corner of my eye. I turned to my left to see a soft blue light far ahead. The colour made me relax, feel tranquil. I slowly moved towards it, as if in a dream. I felt dazed, like I could not think properly and had to move towards the source of that calming light, not that there was much thinking for me to do other than find out what I was looking for.
"Hi there! Where are you heading to? I can guarantee you you’ll take forever at the rate you’re moving at now!~"
I snapped out of my reverie, and now I was standing quite close to the little blue light, it was much smaller than the other light’s I have encountered with.
"Hello” I replied politely, looking around “I’m not sure of where I’m heading to actually, I was just looking for someone to talk to"
"It’s a good thing you found me then! Wanna play?~" It asked cheerfully
"I’d love to, but I can’t. I’m on a mission" I said to it in a serious tone.
"Wow! Can I join you? It gets so boring, playing all by yourself~" the blue light danced around merrily.
"Sure! I definitely could use the company." I said joyfully. We shall begin heading East! Don’t ask why though, cause I do not know”
"Sooooo, what’s your very important mission?~" The blue light seemed to be skipping along side me, it must have felt very merry to have someone by it’s side, just like me.
"It’s a secret" I teased it
"Aawwww, don’t be like that! Tell me! Tell me pleasseeeeeeee!!" It was probably pouting; too bad all I saw was a ball of blue bouncing light.
"Alright, alright!" I said, smiling if I could smile. This little blue ball was fun to be around " I’m searching for something which I forgot about."
The blue light stopped bouncing and stood there, probably thinking. Then it said "Huh?"
"I’m searching for something that I just know is super important, don’t ask me how I know, I just do. The only problem is, I don’t know what I’m seeking for!"
"Wah! Now that’s a problem and a puzzle! I’m not sure what I’m supposed to be doing or looking for though. I can’t remember a thing since I woke up! Next thing I know, I’m here! Lost and alone, but that’s fine, cause when the time comes, I’m positive I’ll remember what I have to remember and ill find what ill have to find!"
"I wish I could be more like you" I said "So carefree and happy!"
It giggled, and we chatted as we kept moving forward.
"Hey! Look there!" I did, and I saw a yellow light, bobbing in the blackness beyond. The blue light had rushed towards it, leaving me behind.
"Wait for me!" I chased after it
"Hiya, yellow light~y!" The blue ball said in a childish voice.
"Hello! Are you the same light I met earlier?" I asked. The yellow light rotated, probably to face us, although every part of its surface looked exactly the same. Now I saw that there were two light’s, standing side by side.
"Hmm? Oh, Hello there duckies! Nah, we haven’t crossed paths before. I’m quite sure I’d remember if I have met a little blue and a little yellow ducky together! How do you do?" said one of the lights.
"Hello, nice to meet you" said the other.
"Oh, we’re fine! I was just wondering if one of you would be kind enough as to help me search for something very important, it’s--" I was being unacknowledged, and it felt bad. The two yellow lights appeared to be cooing and paying so much attention to the little blue light that they took no notice of me. They were merrily exchanging pleasantries and just simply chatting. Then they begin walking ahead, neglecting me. I felt awkward and began moving the other way.
"Oi! Where are you going? Are you not going to join us?~" asked the blue light
"Nah, you all carry on.... I’ll just be heading on my way to find what I probably had but lost...." I said without turning back to see them, feeling horrible inside. The blue light was then bobbing around me.
"Aawwww! Don’t be like that! Sulk~y pot! Come on, I promised you I’ll help you find it, so I will!~" Now I felt guilty for making it follow me. It was so happy to be around the yellow lights, not that it was any different around me or anyone else for that matter. It was just.... always freakily happy!
"Seriously, go if you want to! Join the yellow lights, I’ll have no hard feelings, I promise" I lied. The little blue light seemed to be giving it some serious thought. If it was a person, it would probably be staring at it’s feet.
"If you say so...."
"I feel that, well, maybe this mission is something that I’ll have to do alone, you know? Anyway, maybe we’ll cross paths again some time in the future!" I said, trying to be as optimistic as possible.
"Yeah! I really hope that that happens! I’d love to meet you again!~" It got it’s joyous aura back in an instant.
"Well then.... Bye!" I said, feeling slightly heavy inside but keeping a happy tone
"Bye!!~~" It bounced and jumped back to the yellow lights which were where I first left them, deep in conversation with each other.
  I started heading slowly towards nowhere in particular. `It’s ok, I’ll find more light’s along the way!` I told myself, and with that I began floating along more cheerily. Then I spotted another red glow up ahead. I moved towards it by my own pace, feeling to lazy and unbothered to move any faster. This red light appeared to be agitated, walking around mumbling random words that sounded more or less like gibberish. I stared at it in amazement. What in the world was it trying to say?
"Hi there" once again, I was being ignored.
"Hello?" It stopped muttering and I think it looked at me. Then it had what seemed to be like a panic attack.
"I’m dead! How can this be? What am I going to do? I had so many more things I wanted to do, so many places to see...... Oh! I’ve done such terrible things in my life, I’m probably going to end up somewhere really terribly unpleasant! What to do?! What to do?! Lirefs.... saeas...." The first few sentences made sense, then he continued on with his rambling. Dead? How could this be? It made not much sense to me so I began floating away again, contemplating on the thought just given to me. Could that be, that was what I was finding for? That’s it! I remember now, all so vividly!
  I died.... and not in any way delightful.... It was a car crash that rendered me a vegetable, but the unlucky driver had died after trying to avoid hitting me in vain, but instead hit me and a truck. The truck man lived, with minor injuries, thank the Lords. It was partially the driver’s fault for driving drunk while on the mobile phone, and partially mine for running in the middle of a congested road.... I was young.... only 6 or 7 years of age, and we were playing 'Catch'.... I remembered lying on a white bed in a plain white room that smelled.... white? People, probably people I knew, were around my bed, surrounding me, breathing the same air I breathed, and crying. I could not move, nor could I perceive what was happening around me... A lady, clad in blue, was hugging me tightly, tears streaming down her tanned face. She was ushered to go out of the room but she fought back, possibly my mother. She had to be dragged out of the room by four doctors while she kept screaming something I could not fathom.... then the white door closed behind her, and a doctor in white approached me, a syringe in his hand.... the next thing I knew, I was waking up here…. So, I’m dead.... That’s how it all ends, my life.... Which means, everyone else here is.... dead too? I wonder how the little blue light died....
And, where am I? Is this like, sort of a waiting room for the Grim Reaper? How do I find him then?
"Hello? Grim Reaperrrrr!!" I called out; maybe I needed to call him for him to find me? Nothing happened. I waited awhile longer, and still nothing.
"Grim Reaperrrrr!! I’m waiting!!" If I had hands, I would have put them on my hips. `Did Death enjoy keeping dead souls waiting? What was wrong with him?` I thought. Then I felt the temperature around me drop rapidly, if I could feel the temperature at all. There was something, like some sort of gust of wind.
"I do appreciate being called The Angel of Death rather than the Grim Reaper, you know. It has more class to it."
 I jumped in fright mingled with surprise upon hearing a voice which sounded like silk, coming from the back of me. I turned around to see a figure cloaked in black, wielding a scythe, while behind him a pale horse stood majestically. He carried the weapon in his hand, making it the only visible body part of his, made up of many white bones. "So I see that you have accepted that you are dead and that you are ready to leave? To advance your journey?"
Death did not reply for awhile, then he proceeded to ask "Then why have you summoned me?"
"Before we leave, I have tons of questions to ask you, and I want the answers, which I know you clearly have" I said defiantly.
Death stared at me for awhile, then said “You do know that ordinary souls, after even glancing at me, tremble so badly sometimes they faint?"
"Good for them!" I said, as optimistically as possible. I sure was not going to leave here without knowing at least abit to feed my curiosity "So then, let’s get on with the first question, how come I can see you although you are wearing black? Just like every other thing here? You seem to.... like.... shimmer?"
"Ah! That my child, is because my cloak is made out of anti-light, and what is around you is mere darkness. Now, shall we go?" he held out the free hand towards me. His horse grunted and snorted impatiently.
"Wait! Why is it that we do not remember that we have died after we have died so that we can face the truth and simply call you to hurry things up?" I said quickly.
"It is just as you said it. It would cause the process of reaping to be quickened, and there are only so many reapers around. Too many creatures are dying nowadays, with pollution and over-population" he sighed "Besides, where’s the fun in just giving the answers? If the soul does not realize that it is dead within a week, or 7 days, or 168 hours, or 10080 minutes, or 604800 seconds, then, we Angels of Death, will go and have a quick chat with them" he replied, slightly amused. “You get to ask me one last question, so think hard. I have a schedule to keep and others to reap."
I pondered for awhile, then I picked a brilliant question to ask out of the other many questions I had, (such as why different lights had different colours, but I was pretty sure I could figure them out for myself) or so I thought " Why were we put on earth on the first place? It makes no proper sense, to be allowed to live, then to die and forget everything you worked so hard in to achieve. It just does not make any sense!"
"It is not supposed to make any sense, child. Without you wonderful creatures dying, I would not have my job, now would I? Without my job, who would feed my family? It’s as simple as the nose on a human’s face."
I stood there, feeling rather confused. Was that even an answer?
"But....” Death asked in a monotonous tone, hinted slightly with curiosity “Why did you not ask where I would be taking you instead? Are you not curious?"
"Oh, nah! Where’s the fun in that?” I replied, mimicking him “Knowing where you are bound to go to eventually? No joy in that, is there? It’s the journey, not the destination that’s essential.... "
Death clapped his hands. "Alright, you asked your final question, now let’s get going" I remained where I was. Was this really the end? Or a new beginning?
"Come on, I do not have all eternity" he said, and I guess he sounded frustrated, but it could have been anyone’s guess with his emotionless tone. I followed him without another word.
 He helped me onto his horse, which puffed at the silky mane falling over it’s face. Death then proceeded to opening a gateway with a simple sweep of his bony hand, and together we rode through the portal to another realm.
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