a Broken Future

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What have i become.
a poem questioning, were am i going?

Submitted: March 04, 2013

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Submitted: March 04, 2013




I used to see a future;

As bright as day,

Filled with glory and happiness

And a life worth living for.


But it was all a cruel joke;

Something broke along the way

And now I focus on the pain

The only thing that is keeping me alive.


As I lie here

A shadow of who I was supposed to be

I feel my life gushing out of me

Every heart beat worth a memory now.


Am I actually starting to feel again

Or is it just the last wish of a broken soul.


Am I starting to care again

Or is it just a painful wish of a lost soul.


The pain is gone now;

My body warm from my essence surrounding it,

But my heart is cold and motionless,

As there is no more memories left for it to beat too

And none to be made.

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