my Dancing Angel

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this is not the original one that i wrote years ago, but i think i did stay as close to that one as i can remember it. this used to be another dream i had

Submitted: February 25, 2013

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Submitted: February 25, 2013




“A flash of light, blinding me momentarily”

But then I see her, the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen

Her hair as white as snow, and

Her eyes a piercing icy blue


“Is it raining now?”

But the thought quickly fades, as I see her staring at me.

Is this beautiful girl really looking at me?

Can she really be interested in me…?


“Something warm flows over my eyes”

But I don’t care, as I cannot lose sight of her.

She walks over to me

Reaching out to me.


“For one moment I feel lightning surging through my body”

But as quickly as the pain has come, it has gone again

Her smile is all I see now

Come with me and we shall dance, she whispers at me


“Another bolt surging through my body”

My eyes widen, terrified of what may be happening

But she takes my hand, and leads me to the dance floor

All will be okay, trust me, her eyes pleads to me


“Everything is quiet now”

I know I shouldn’t, but I look back and see my broken body lying next to the wreck

But I don’t feel any pain, only peace

I look ahead and now with clear eyes; I see my Angel

Taking me to where I belong.

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