A Choice Of Life

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what would you choose if given the life of another.

Submitted: July 07, 2012

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Submitted: July 07, 2012




Lets imagine a future, shall we?

In this future the world is the same, more or less, but there's one big difference. In this future murder is legal, as long as the murderer has a viable reason they can kill you.

Now you, your very successful, you have your dream job, a loving spouse, beautiful children. You have hope and dreams and great big plans for your future, as well as your kids. You love life. And you have every right too.

It's late at night, your walking down a backstreet trying to get home faster. Your spouse had made your favorite food that night and your children wont wait for you forever. You quicken your pace, then you remember you forgot your wallet at the office. You see an ATM in the distance. You run to it and punch in your code to get some money for the bus home, your spouse need the car for your kids after school activity’s that day. A few dollar bills come out and you shove them in your pocket. You smiled happily knowing that you'd find your wallet tomorrow, everyone at work loved you and would never dream of stealing it.

You turn around and find yourself facing a hooded figure with a gun. Their pointing it at you.

“on your knees.” they demand, their voice is muffled, contorted, you can't tell if they're a man or women. You do as they ask, hopefully they'll just mug you, you think about your family in that moment. You'll do anything to see them again, if only to tell them you love them.

“d-do you want my money?” you ask shakily, it's to dark to see any features of your attacker, you can only see the gun pointed to your head.

“no.” your attacker reply’s.

“then what do you want?” you ask, your scared, your shaking, you know there's no escape.

“nothing, I just know that if I don't kill you then I have to take care of you.”

“what?” nothing makes sense, the world was spinning out of control.

“i was told that, if you live, I’d be responsible for you. You're gonna cause me a lot of trouble if I don't kill you now.”

“d-do you really have to kill me?” you ask, you barely make out the attacker shrug their shoulders.

“no, I was only given the choice if you should live or die, it's a lot of responsibility. I don't know if I could handle it.” your attacker cocks their gun and places their finger on the trigger. You close your eyes and watch your life flash before your eyes.

Learning how to write your name, making friends on the playground, winning all those awards in middle school, entering as a freshmen in high school, getting into that club you loved, being surrounded by true friends, getting accepted into a high class college, meeting your wife, landing that dream job, hearing that you were going to be a parent, watching your children coming to the world screaming and crying, bringing them home and caring for them.

Then your future flashes before your eyes as well, your children grow up nice and healthy, they are in sports and clubs and they are honor students, your proud of them because they help their community as much as they can, they get into the college they wanted, they graduate with their friends, they get jobs and move out, they get married and make you a grandparent, you and your spouse take care of your grandchildren together, until the day you die you wake up beside your spouse every morning loving them even more. You both go quietly in your sleep side by side.

You know this is the future you will never live unless the attacker lets you live. Your life is in their hands, you have no choice in the matter, you have no voice to tell them that you want to live.

Now imagine that your somewhere else, your in somewhere dark and warm. You barely hear someones heart beat beating around you, you can't move or speak, you can't think yet. Your just shy a week of having a heartbeat of your own. Your younger in this place, much younger. Out side you, you is a young girl. She's only seventeen, she just learned that she's pregnant with you. She's not ready for the responsibility, she has no idea what she's going to do, how she's going to tell the father and her parents. She holds your life in her hand, just as the attacker did. You're unable to tell her that you want a chance at life. In the end she has a choice to make, a choice that will ether end or begin your life. And this choice all comes down to one question.

Is she pro-life or pro-choice?

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