All I Want....

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I just wanted to get it out, it doesn't hurt as much when i write it down.

Submitted: November 29, 2012

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Submitted: November 29, 2012




All I want is a dad who would call me precious.

All I want is a simple “i love you”-

to have a dad that says it, and means it.

All I want is a simple thing,

a dad,

a father,

a papa,

a strong pair of arms to hold me when I cry.

A gentle voice to tell me it'll be ok.

I never had one,

a dad,

sure they say the man living with me now is a dad.

But he never loved me.

Never loved mom.

He didn't even want me.

All he ever says is hateful words.

He never protected me,

never held me close and comforted me.

I want a dad like that,

big and strong and brave.

Someone who will protect me at all costs.

But I don't,

not on this earth anyways.

My real daddy is in heaven,

watching over me.

He hand made me,

because he loved me.

He wanted me, so he made me, gave me life, a soul.

He made the stars to light my way,

the trees to shade me when I’m hot.

He made this world for me,

because he loves me.

I want to be with you,


but I have to wait....

all I want is you,

all I could ever want is you.

Right here, next to me, holding me.


I want a daddy here to hold me as I cry,

I want you.

Can you?

Will you?


all I want is a daddy,

all I want is to be protected.

All I want is to be held.

Is the to much to ask?

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