Chirstmas Night Under The Stars

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Religion and Spirituality  |  House: Booksie Classic

something to celebrate our Saviors birth and the first Big blizzard this Wisconsin has seen since halloween of '94

Alexia stared out into the starry dazed by all the small blue lights that twinkled softly shedding eerie light down on her. no not eerie… she thought frowning down at her paper, she had been writing a story about a some girl in a fairy land. She was using the Christmas sky to help her become inspired from her writers block. It was cold outside despite the Florida climate, her and her mother lived out in the country next to the ocean on the tip of the peninsula making it a perfect place to come out and think at night. Be for her starched a deep bluish black sea with a white stripe of sand marking it’s kingdoms borders.
Kingdoms borders… she thought doting down some notes for a future chapter of “tale of the unforgiving castle” she needed to find the right words to write so that the prince of the fairies could save the girl before she was tossed into a pit filled with “the fallen,” that would eat her since she failed to entertain the king. Sighing in defeat she closed her journal, a tear silently rolled down her face as she thought about her father. Looking up into the night sky she prayed in hushed tones for her father to come back and take her with him, he had died last year on Christmas eve by a drunk driver and since then her mother hadn’t paid attention to her and had avoided her. she looked to much like her father.
“why Lord? Why have you abandoned me?” she prayed as sobs racked her body raw as her shoulders shook her until she was laying in a ball, “why did you leave me? My God you said I would never be alone, but I am!” she nearly screamed within herself, that’s when she heard the voice.
it was soft at first and very faint but then it grew louder and louder until she could hear that it was some one singing, no not some one some ones. It was a choir of beautiful voices all singing the same song.
Praise to the king! For he is born unto us this night! Praise your king o’ little town for unto us a child is born! Hosanna! Messiah! Unto us the savoir is born! The prince of peace the child of God! Praise and glory to him on the highest! Messiah! Our Lord! Glory to you! praise to you!
Slowly alexia unrolled form her ball and began to sit so that she could see the sky. “those voices, they are so beautiful…” she sighed as she stared off into the starry sky hoping to see the singers, but she didn’t see what she was looking for instead she saw a bright star twinkling brighter then any other. And from that star came another voice, it was soft but she could hear it’s gentle words.
“my child, for tonight I came down as a baby so that I might die for you. I died for you my beloved so that you could join one day in eternal light.”
A tear slid down her face, but it was not from her sadness but from some unexplainable joy boiling inside her.
“but my Lord! You have abandoned me here without a love from my mother to help me through the lost of my father!” she yelled at the star slightly hesitant but she wanted an answer.
“my beloved, have never left you nor forsaken you. when you thought that you where alone and unable to walk any further it was then that I carried you. though you might not have felt me nor seen me I was there, for feelings come and go my dearest daughter but I will always remain,” the voice said softy, the wind picked up slightly brushing alexia's hair out of her face, but she believed that it was Gods own hand.
“my father I am sorry that I have doubted you, but it’s just to hard to hold onto my hope anymore, I am to weak my Father and I am not able to go on any more! please grant my prayer to be home with my father once more…” she prayed bowing her head to the ground afraid of Gods wrath, but a soft hand only lifted up her head again and when she looked it was Jesus.
“child, when you are weak I am strong and will carry you when you fall. You will never be alone in your pain my child though you may fell it your not. Though I am unseen and can not be felt by those who do not wish for me I am there for them, as I am here for you,” he said whipping a tear from her face as she cried, Jesus laughed slightly when alexia suddenly hugged him.
“thank you Father,”
“your welcome my dearest, but your prayer has to be answered,” he whispered into her ear, “it is yes, one day you will come home with me and will be with your father again but right now I need you to stay here for your mother, what would happen if you left her too? what do you think will happen to her?” he asked gently stroking her hair, she nodded agreeing that she needed to be strong for just a little while longer.
“but my God, how do I talk to her! she wont even look at me…” she whispered back, he held her back so that he could look at her.

“talk to her, tell her that you’ve seen me and you want to feel like her little girl again,” he said his arms dropping to his side again, alexia knew she had to say goodbye to him now because their talk was over, for now. Giving him another hug she ran up to the house only looking back once to see the choir of angels singing the song they did so long ago when Jesus was born, no not long ago… some day it’ll feel just like yesterday… she thought turning to go inside faintly aware of her Father God smiling down at her from heaven as he thought, that’s my girl.   

Submitted: December 11, 2010

© Copyright 2021 swords edge. All rights reserved.

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unknown girl

Wow!! Another amazing story! You've got the talent so keep going and never give up. Well written :D

Wed, March 9th, 2011 11:04am


thanks! and i don't have THAT much talent because compared to most people i'm a beginner

Thu, March 10th, 2011 7:57am

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