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for the ones who have been fallowing unwanted protector

Submitted: October 20, 2010

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Submitted: October 20, 2010



dear readers, first i would like to thank you all so much for fallowing my most read story. because of you we have had over 400 reads, and that is more reads that i have ever gotten on any book i have writen!

ok so this is a contest to see who can write the best ending, only a few pages to a chapter, to the story. i want to see how you want it to end! the winner will be given their own charater in the book who will play a big rule in Grace and James's lifes but they wont come in until the end.

i will be judgeing this story on,

story line: does it fallow what has happened in the book so far?

characters: are the characters you use the same as they are in the beginning?

wording: how well you word it, do you describe to much or to litte?

and then we have hanger: will this lead to another thrilling book two? or will it seal their fates and leave the readers to dream bout their future.

rules: no swearing, no nude, and place no goor! anything like this will not win, and i am stricked on swearing do yes damn and God! count... though i might use damn for my book but it is farily unlikely

those are the rules and after this contest there will be another for ideas on the next book! the contest will end on the 5 of november and is starting now! i will update who is in the lead and how many have posted their work!

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