I Have No Voice, Who Will Speak For Me?

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in the wake of a bill being dropped allowing children to be aborted up until birth, i thought you should know what exactly is happening to your baby before you kill them.

Submitted: July 21, 2012

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Submitted: July 21, 2012



I have no name yet, because I am yet to be born.

My mother conceived me only 5 weeks ago,

she is just finding out that I am growing inside of her.

At day six I was connected to her,

day 22 my heartbeat began, it pumpt my own blood through my body,

I have type AB blood but my mommy has type B.

week 3 my nerves and other organs start to develop,

I now have a backbone.

By week four I’m ten thousand times larger then when I was an egg,

we really do grow up quick.

Week 5 my eyes, hands, and legs begin to grow.

It's week 6 and I have a brain signals,

I can't wait to really use them.

Week 7 now, I can move!

Week 8, I now have fingerprints and fully made organs, my bones are starting to grow.

I can hear now, I listen to my moms heartbeat. It's a peaceful rhythm.

I’ve made it to week 9, I can frown and turn my head, I also get hiccups.

Week 10 and I can practice breathing, I can't wait to breath real air.

Week 11 and I have a full skeleton and nerve system, I can grab things, too!

Week 12 and I can experience pain, but I can also suck on my thumb!

Now my vocal cords are developed, I’m sorry if i'll wake you up after I’m born,

I’m just so excited to have a voice that can be heard!

Week 15, I have taste buds, I can't wait to use them, too!

Month four, it's been so long. I have bone marrow now and I weigh half a pound,

it's not much but it's a start!

Week 17 and I can now dream! I can't wait to have them in my own crib!

Week 19, it's the earliest I can be born, but lets wait a little while longer.

20 weeks, I can can hear my mommies voice now! It's the most beautiful voice I’ve ever heard.

Months 6, my lungs are developing further, I can now practice breathing more.

I can grab my umbilical cord, too!

Month seven and I can taste, hear, and touch! I also know the difference of waking and sleeping.

I can tell when my mommy is in a bad or good mood.

Right now she's in a sad mood, she's very sad.

She's crying, sobbing.

Saying something, other voices, then I feel pain.

I never knew pain before, but this is for sure true pain.

I cry out, scream out, but I have no voice.

My unheard scream goes silent.

I only made it to 7 and a half months.

Now I am dead, whats left of me lies in a container in so room,

I couldn't wait to be out,

I never thought i'd come out in pieces.

My mom aborted me, she didn't want me.

I had no voice, but if I did I would have asked only one thing.


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