In My Final Moments

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can you imagine the pain? or the type of love it took to bring me here?

Submitted: January 06, 2013

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Submitted: January 06, 2013



I hold back a scream as another whip hits my back.

shards of glass and bone cut into my flesh,

chunks of skin fly,

my blood pours from my body.

The pain goes beyond excruciating.

But not once do I cry out,

though my body longs to scream,

I refrain.

There is mocking all around me,

the people who once said they loved me,

they are my tormentors now.

They sentenced me to this death,

they accused me of things I never did,

then mocked my very name.

I love them still,

I will always love them.

They don't know what they're doing.

The whip finds it's place in my skin again,

white hot agony consumes my being.

My hands and feet lose their place,

I fall face down on the stones stained with my blood.

There's so much blood.

I can barely breath,

it hurts.

But I get back up.

I continue my torture,

I allow it.

Someone screams



I feel something heavy placed on my back.

I'm being forced to carry something.

A burden,

the burdens of the ones I love.

I do it willingly,

like I always have.

It adds to the pain,

but I walk on.

Spat at and persecuted I walk on.

There is no love on this road,

this road marked with my suffering.

At one point I can no longer carry the burden,

someone steps in to help me.

They help me walk to my doom,

they know what is in store.

My flesh cries out for death,

my mind and body only knows the pain.

But this pain wasn't for nothing,

it was caused by my love.

My love for those mocking me and screaming at me.

I still love them.

I walk on.


when I reach the point I am destined to die,

I lay my burden down,

and on it I am placed.

Something cuts into my wrists and ankles.

Blood is everywhere.

I'm raised up,

for all the world to see.

Hung like a criminal,

though I’ve done nothing wrong.

I've only loved.



Yet the ones I healed,

the ones I taught,

who sat at my feet in awe,

are the ones who have sentenced me to my death.

With one final breath I see faces swarm before me,




Among them,

is you.

With my final moments I think of you,

see your face.

The agony is about to leave me,

I am about to die,

i'm about to take your burden from you.

But before I go I want you to know,

You don't have to carry your burdens anymore.

because I already have.

I paid the your price with my own blood.

All because I love you.

I did this for you.

In my final moments I loved you,

even though you caused me to die.

I willingly laid my life down for you,

because I love you.

I endured torture,

because I love you.

I was bled like a pig, treated like a savage,

because I love you.

I see your face,

just as I take my last breath.

This is my love letter written to you,

in my blood,

the blood that would be the ransom for many.

With a final gasp of air I cry out,

“It is finished!”


I die.

Right there on the cross.

But this isn't the end,

my beloved.

It is only the beginning.

Because my love for you endures forever.


- Jesus

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