Mirror Mirror On The Wall...

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don't believe the lies the mirror tells you...

Submitted: January 04, 2013

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Submitted: January 04, 2013



I stand behind a glass window,

I look out of it and see a bathroom.

Today a girl is standing there,

she's crying.

This girl, she looks into the mirror,

fixes her makeup,

lifts up her shirt to look at her stomach.

I watch as she looks at herself,

she thinks she's fat,

I can see her ribs.

“mirror mirror on the wall,”

she speaks, her shirt falls over her skeleton figure,

“whose the ugliest of them all?”

I look at her in disbelief,

I try to speak,

tell her she's beautiful,

but she doesn't hear me.

She only sees the reflection the mirror,

she only sees the lie.

I stand behind the mirror screaming at her to look at me,

to listen when I call her beautiful.

But she doesn't hear me,

she doesn't see me.

She only sees a mirror,

a lie,

a reflection made of lies.

She leaves.

Another girl takes her place.

“mirror mirror on the wall,”

she whispers,

“whose the most worthless whore of them all?”

the girl laughs,

without humor.

I look at her stunned.

I yell at her,

wishing she could hear,

I yell that no one is worthless,

that Jesus died for her,

that he loves her,

that she's not a whore.

I yell and yell until she leaves,

she doesn't see me,

she just sees the reflection,

the reflection the world has convinced her is true.

Why can't they see they're beautiful?


a boy takes her place.

He looks into the mirror,

I can already see the bruises on his body,

the pain in his eyes,

the abuse he has suffered.

Dark circles are under his eyes,

tears fill them,

he's holding a knife in his hand.

He looks from the reflection to the knife,

his eyes lingering on the latter.

“Mirror mirror on the wall,”

his voice is full of hopelessness,


“whose the biggest failure of them all?”

he looks at the reflection,

for a second I swear he sees me,

hears me screaming until my throat is raw,

my vocal cords torn to pieces screaming at him to stop,

to listen,

to hear the truth.

He pauses,

as if hearing me,

but the moment passes.

He puts the knife to his wrist,

I pound on the glass,

you're not worthless!”

I scream,

my lungs burn,

my hands hurt,

I slam my fists on the glass,




The boy takes a breath and closes his eyes.


he whispers,

he applies pressure to the knife,

is about to slit his wrist.

I scream louder and slam into the glass with my whole body.

I hear shattering.

I feel myself fall to the ground.

I look up,

the boys still alive,

he sees me,

he hears me.

don't believe the lie.”

I tell him,standing.

He drops the knife.

I can see my reflection in his eyes.

I'm him,

the real him.

The true reflection.

The girls are there as well,

behind the boy,

they see me as he does.

I'm their true reflections as well.

I'm beautiful,





The mirror lies shattered around us.

I look down at it,

see the lies no longer able to stand,

hid the truth.

Truth, light, will always overcome the darkness.

There will always be hope.

mirror mirror on the wall, you couldn't hold us back for long.

mirror mirror on the wall,

look who turned out to be beautiful after all...

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