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a senie in my head i had but wont be able to write the book so i wrote it for the contest instead!

Submitted: May 05, 2011

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Submitted: May 05, 2011



since this was for the second book in the series I never wrote but started I need to give you the basics of what happened in the first, first.
Sandra has a dream in her foster home one night about a lake and a sword with to angel like boys flying and fighting over head, twin brothers with different colored hair and wings. Black and white.
During her dream the boy with black wings has a sword and while he's fighting his brother with white wings he drops the sword and it lands in front of Sandra she picks it up and it absorbs into her skin like it was water when she looks back up the brother with white wings is trying to kill her but before he can reaches her she wakes up, but it wasn't a dream. Well one thing leads to another, Andreas, the one with black wings, brother is evil and is trying to destroy the world that Sandra accidentally got trapped in and she has the only thing that can save it, the sword naturally. And in the end Sandra and Andreas end up dating and saving his world, did I mention he was a prince by the way? that’s important sorry. And Sandra wanted to finish high school before she moved back with Andreas so she goes back to her world in the city’s while Andreas keeps watch over her. And that’s where this story starts.
Sandra walked the dark streets of new york, up ahead lights flickered in the darkening night. She knew she shouldn't be out here, Lord knows how many times Andreas had thrown a fit about her walking at night. Since he couldn't be there with her all the time he had given her a pendent to call him by encase she was in danger, clinging to the heart necklace dangling just above her shirt line, she was prepared to use it at any second.
Her new apartment was only a few blocks away now from her new high-school that Andreas had made her transfer to. His mother, may, who had stumbled into his world just like Sandra had and married the king, Andreas's father, was now living as her guardian in retirement until Sandra finished high school and could move back with her to the castle. Looking along the bleak streets as she crossed the abandoned road she wondered if that day would ever come. Some were in the distance a man whistled the common one some men do when they see an attractive women, picking up her past Sandra found her self to be that attractive young women alone in the street. Behind her a dog barked and some feet shuffled signaling that the chase was on.
Running down a narrow alley she tipped over some garbage letting it crash behind her hopping to slow down her chasers, grabbing her necklace she screamed for help mentally hopping that Andreas would get there in time. Turning into another alley she dodged a cat and a hobos lag that lay across her path, she could her the men panting behind her as rain started to fall in mist at first but quickly turned into heavy sheets. Thunder rumbled overhead giving her a flashes of light to see her surroundings.
some people just don't give up!” she panted turning again, the men were still chasing her marking as them or their leader desperate for whatever they think she has. “were are you Andreas?” she panted turning the corner, as rain dripped from her long brown hair she was faced with a dead end and the only way out was a door that was locked and turning around facing the men she was running form in the first place.
hey pretty lady, were you gonnin?” a deep voice behind her asked. Sandra twirled around and saw 5 young men probably in their 20s dressed in soaked baggy clothing with gangster written all over them. “you were runnin so fast we thought we should help you out, you knows show you that the man you goin home to an't as good as me,” the others snickered, Grace flinched knowing what he meant.
I wont fight you!” she yelled at them, the rain barely blocked out the sound of wings flapping over head as a shadow flew above them.
but I will,” a soothing voice stated calmly, in front of her Andreas landed a knee on the ground and a fist which he used to push himself up slowly standing in front of the men blocking their view from Sandra.
Andreas,” Sandra sighed nearly fainting at the sight of him before her, it was a huge relief to know she was safe.
welcome boys,” he stated looking up water dripping from his spiked black hair, “to your worst nightmare,” on nightmare his wings flapped out to full length showing its gleaming black feathers, what the men did next was probably the worst thing they could passably do. They attacked him. Pulling out his sword Andreas swing expertly injuring the first mans lag then he did the same to the other four swinging in graceful strokes fighting all of them off like fly's. Only when the last man was down did Andreas turn to Grace, the fury in his eyes melted when he looked at her terrified figure huddling against the wall. Quickly sheathing his sword he walked towards her, laying his hand on her cheek he looked deeply into her eyes searching for something but Sandra didn't know what.
are you alright?” he asked her quietly, shaking her head she broke into heavy sobs as Andreas pulled her into a tight hug sheltering her with this wings from the rain. “i'm so sorry,” he whispered kissing her head gently, “i should have been her sooner,” gently, he lifted her into his arms carrying her bridal style. Quickly he jumped into the air flying her home to get her in a warm bed and to have her wake up next to him in the morning only to tell him how terrified she was, but he had already seen that in her eyes. But right now he needed to get her warm and dry then himself in a new white shirt and sweats, not the clothing you'd expect from her guardian angel, but life is full of surprises. Just like the one he was going to give her when she graduates that year, the ring was already waiting in his bedroom at home for that day.

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