The Bloody Battlefield

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: True Confessions  |  House: Booksie Classic
not the best, but i needed to get it out.

Submitted: August 28, 2012

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Submitted: August 28, 2012



Blood, everywhere.

Do you see it?

I’m surrounded by it.

Whenever I close my eyes I can see it,

the battle field.

I can see them,

the casualties of war.

I clench my jaw, I slap my hands over my ears.

Can you hear them?


It's all I can hear,

it's constant echo forever in my mind.


it's fires burning them alive,

they're screaming,


screaming. . .

I look down at my hands,

they're torn to pieces from catching swords and daggers,

weapons never aimed at me, but at my loved ones.

They're bleeding,

pain consumes me.

I’ve stopped another from dieing,

but at what cost?

I look at my chest,

blood pours from it.

More pain,

I fall to my knees.

Just before I black out I see their face,

of the person I saved.

They look at me,



uncaring of my fate.

But I know I would have taken the dagger again, if I could.

Pain, then darkness.

But it doesn't last for long.

Darkness, it turned to light,

I look up, I see love.

I look down,

my hands are healed,

I’m no longer dieing, no longer bleeding.

“i love you”

I hear the words, the screams stop.

My heart is full, my strength has returned.
But then I see him,

he's dieing,

he's losing.

I must save him,

I have to save him.

An enemy comes, sword held high, aiming for his heart.



they drive me, move me.

I jump in the way, as I have so many times before.

The sword strikes my heart,

I hear a scream behind me.

But I will not die.

I refuse to let this love go.

The sword is pulled out,

the enemy looks at me in confusion,

I strike back,

the enemy falls.

I look behind me,

I see my love crying, he's crying for me.

I cry too, seeing the scars on his arms and wrists.

Anger, hot anger fills me.

Who ever did this to him will pay,

I will make sure of that.

But until then i'll carry him, heal him,

I wont let him get hurt,

i'll lay my life down if that’s what it takes.

We look at each other,

all odds are against us, the world tries to beat us down,

but we will win,

we have to.

Love will conquer all in the end,

we just gotta hang on,

we have to sick together,

we have to remember who we are and where we've come from,

because only God knows were we're going.

I love you,

I wont let you fall.

I promise on my own life that you'll be safe,

that we'll win.



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