The Task Of 3

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this is not a story, it is not fantasy, this is a war we all fight weather we know it or not.
God keep you safe

Submitted: October 09, 2010

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Submitted: October 09, 2010



Task of three to kill me
I was at my grandparents house (Woodworth’s) eating some ice cream with Alex and talk about something, I can not recall, when grandma said that grandpa was at bible studies and I have no idea way but I wanted to go and see him. so I got up and walked down the dark street, it was midnight or so, when I saw three boys next to the lamp light talking. One had hair that went to his ears and was light blond he ware a blue and white jacket and a white shirt, the second ware I believe a red t-shirt and had brown hair the same length as the first. And the last I barley remember but I do recall him wearing a t-shirt and had hair long as the first two… I think he had brown or black hair.
I walked past them not noticing the glances they gave me before continuing their talk. Before I past completely I heard one of them talk at one of his relatives pass away, I think it was his grand father, so I prayed for God to help him get through this and then on the next lamp post I saw a verse that was from john it was john 10:1 or 1:10 I can’t remember. But I smiled and started to think of how God will help this boy out, then it happened.
The three boys that I say earlier jumped from no where in front of me shaking the ground, I stared at them for only a split second to realize that these were not the same three but demons taking their shape, the only thing that crossed my mind as I bolted across the street was, they’re going to kill me. And if I stopped they would have to. But with every thing in me I ran, I ran for the restaurant that the bible study was at. I didn’t know why in my dream but when I awoke I think I did, I knew these were demons and only God could stop them so I ran for the pleas where I knew his word would be. I ran faster into the night along the road and across lawns. It is by Gods grace that they did not catch me for the Lord had given me strength to ran. Then I ran pat a man with three dirt bikes those road hog ones, they were red, blue, and yellow.
“help me!” I shrieked as I ran past him. he just stared at me, so seeing that he was of no help I ran further on. My dear reader if you can not stand to hear of people dieing then you should skip this part for I even hate recapping it but I must for it is important, I never turned back to see where the scream had come from I knew that it came from the man that I had just past. He was murdered by the demons so they could ride the bikes. I ran faster still when I heard the sound of rubber on rock and engines behind me, closer to me.
I then toke a short cut into my friends back yard, if you do not know Abby then her back yard or front yard in my dream was dark and hard with only one tree that reached to the sky. I heard nothing for seconds until I see the three walk into the clearing. They smile horridly at me showing me their teeth. “it’s over Sarah…. Give up,” one hissed at me. I looked bravely at them dead in the eye and said, “never,” anger flashed over their faces while two of them disappeared the blond one stayed his ground and started to run after me. I ran to the tree and jumped grabbing the branches. I climbed like nothing any one could imagine. I was dirty, I had scraps and bruises all over my body but yet I went on. The next thing I heard was and engine roaring in my ears, I looked up and saw a tank bigger then a 3 story house. It was doing a papa wheelie and was going to crash on to the tree to kill me. I prayed to God to protect me and deliver me from these demons. Then I jumped from a height that would kill a superhuman. Amazingly by Gods grace I landed on my feet and I began to ran faster and faster thanking the Lord and also praying for him to help me, these were the words I can recall praying, “lord pleas save me I need your strength because I can not go on any more, carry me pleas Lord,” and as I ran I went no where but I began to flout up I was mad because I had to run but no matter how hard I could not instead I went up hearing a voice say, I am here you don’t have to run anymore more, then I woke up calm and well rested but the details of the fight never left my mind. from then on I knew 4 things,
  1. God will always be there to help and save me
  2. I have been to the front line and would be again
  3. the devil was out to kill me, because I was a problem that would save thousands and save them from him
  4. he would use everything agents me that he can, and he would use my dreams for the real damage

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