Tears As Cold As Ice...

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Not really poetry,, but kinda the samee...
Just read and get back to me on how you liked it.... XD

Submitted: August 25, 2010

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Submitted: August 25, 2010



Tears As Cold As Ice

My tears as cold as ice,,

Your voice harsh and just as cold,,

Scared of whats happening,,

Whats going on??

I don’t understand??

Why does this happen like this way??

You said you loved me,,

You said forever,,

But what do you really want??


I can’t give him what he wants,,

I’m not ready for that,,

How could he ask??

Why me??


My tears as cold as ice,,

Running down my checks,,

So familiar is this feeling,,

I can’t escape..


Your voice is harsh and clear,,

My memory of you is just of fear,,

Why did I give into you??

Why did I let you do what you did??

I should have stuck up for myself,,

I should have said no!!

Would that have made things worse??

I can remember every word,,

Of that song you played,,

That one you sang to me,,

The one that made me fall for you,,

It worked coz I did fall,,

You played the song,,

 And you played me,,

How stupid it was,,

To let you rule my life,,

Now I hate you with a passion,,

I wanna stab you with a knife,,

I remember how you talked to me,,

I thought you were so sweet,,

What a fool I was,,

How full of shit you were

Oh well, It’s over now!!

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