One Minute

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This was a small writing exercise for my English class, and I thought it was moderately interesting.

Submitted: February 14, 2014

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Submitted: February 14, 2014



“I fail to see how my position is compromised,” she let out a light chortle, “I don’t think you’re in a position to negotiate.”

“Please, this is the last thing I need right now,” I cried, “I’m begging you, please don’t tell everyone!”

“Bah, talk is cheap, but three Benjamin’s aren’t.” Another chortle, I cringed, “Pay up.”

My world fell silent, I was immobilized, I can’t speak, I can’t think, and her hand is slowly reaching for her phone, I want to scream, that’s all I can do. My breaths stutter, my mind still held in place, I tear up, and silence, followed by an ear piercing screech a fraction of a second later. I open my eyes, not even moist to a cathedral with myself at the altar. My mirror image sitting in the back pew, legs crossed, face smug.

“We both know what you have to-“


“She’s right, you know you can’t kill her; you’ll go to jail.” And instantaneously hundreds of me sat in front of me, poised to judge my every word.

I don’t know what to-

“Shoot the cunt, simple as that!”

“That’s illogical,”

“And you’re a fucking twat for saying that! You’re either with us or against us.”

“But it’s not smart.”

“What else is there?”

“We can’t shoot. That’s our last option if any.”

“And what the hell do you suppose we do, Ms. Logic?”

The room erupted in voices. Everyone, stop! I tried to catch my breath. I need numbers, what’s the probability of me getting away with this?

“Zero point four,” the room chanted in unison.

Not accounting for significant figures.

“Two-fifths.” Again, in unison.

“The odds aren’t in our favor. Two to three.”

Half spoke again in unison, “It doesn’t seem so, find other options.”

“Yes, they are.”

“Agreed!” It was exclaimed with a slam on the pew in front of her.

“Fuck off!”

I felt my pulse race.

“This isn’t probability, this is game theory. Our”




I-I can’t decide.

“Then resolve it.”

So what do you suggest?

Kill her or find a new option.

I can’t do that.

Complete unison again, “Then resolve it.”

B-but, I can’t I mean.

“Do it!”


The unison regained itself. “Ten.”


“Nine, eight, seven, six”

Please, I can’t…

“Five, four”





More silence. Before I knew it, my wrist flicked back and the girl’s eyes were widened. My lips trembled. The air reeked of a heat discharged and my vision cleared to see my wrist pushing itself back from its recoil. I did it, I did it. My eyes darted for my companions but I was alone now. A faint pitch of ringing filled my ears, and reality resumed, just like that.


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