Divergent Views: Annalise

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Death....as told by Annalise.


We had so much hope for this world. 
Unfortunately our hope proved to be false as the years have passed us. Even now I can feel the dark entity waiting below our world. Waiting to finish the job he had almost completed long ago... 
Each day it grows stronger and smarter while all the humans above carry on with their own lives, oblivious to the fact that they are feeding it knowledge of how to put all of them into extinction. 

There has been countless versions of how the world will end. I wish I could say that all of them had some truth to it but they don't. There will be no horns blowing from the sky above. There will not be one soul rising into the arms of the man called God. There will be no lake of fire that emerges from the ground below. The screams and sounds of torture and burning will be silent. 

All will be silent...

As silent as a cold night in the desert. On the day of the worlds end, a dark cloud will cover the Earth and all will be engulfed into the darkness. Then he will rise from his sleeping chambers and cast a plague of dark matter that will end everything it touches. 

There will be nothing anyone can do. All will end on that day. 

How do I know this is certain, you ask? 

I'm the one who created this entity I speak of. 

At first it was an object of use that my sisters and I utilized in the Great War thousands of years ago. But in an instant our creation turned on us and took the majority of us creatures out of existence. With our last bit of strength and magic we hexed the being into a weaker state and banished him into the ground below. 
We couldn't destroy him; not because we didn't want to but because his strength was far greater than we had planned. Before his temporary demise he stated that he would return to finish what he had started. He cursed the entire Earth he was buried in and ever since then the world knew what death was....and so that's what we named him. 


His appearance in the fables that parents have told their children for generations isn't even half correct. He doesn't come to lead you to Heaven or Hell. He only comes to end everything. He comes to finish what he started all those years ago. 

I am the last of my sisters. I have been burdened with the soul duty of giving one last final defense for this world and the humans who occupy it. But I've grown weak towards the fight. It wasn't until recently that I came up with an idea that will at least give us a good enough shot of ridding this world of the entity. But to do so I would need the help from the one who produces the purest of light. 

Its an old proverb that my sisters and I use to say in order to help us cope with the darkness that rules this place. 

"In order for the shadow of darkness to be created, the strongest of lights must be present..."

Submitted: November 03, 2015

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