Divergent Views: Reaper

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic
Is it that of pure evil that the Reaper has come to pull the world into utter damnation. Or is it out of revenge for what was done to him all those years ago...

Submitted: November 22, 2015

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Submitted: November 22, 2015




I've been to see her...

Her beauty is that of Katarina's; her great ancestor. Her power, however, has yet to be determined. 
Whether she bares the same aura as her ancestors or not the fate that she is bonded into shall not break.

She's more elusive in her dreams. It's almost as if she's learning of the darkness I withhold. She neither runs towards it or from it. She just stands there...yet I am unable to reach her. 
She stares at me with curious yet determined eyes. I can imagine she wants to know more of me. All of the knowledge she now possesses is nothing compared to all that I can give her. Her vessel is the brightest of all the humans on the world. She is the shell I need in order for me to rise again.
She is the light that will make my darkness grow to immense levels. I just need her to embrace the darkness...

Darkness will soon consume her.

It's a sad vision when one reminisces on the past events that led to this inevitable outcome. 

The creation...

The treachery...

The betrayal...

The revenge.

All play their parts in her ending. Along with the world's...

I had hope for this world. Imprisoned in darkness for all these years I watched as the world changed not only in appearance but in human interaction as well. I watched as the humans nonchalantly went on with their lives without knowing of my presence right beneath their feet...

I tried to give hint to my existence countless times...

The stench of death that trails after the souls have left the body. The stories of a ghostly figure coming to extract the soul and bring it to the promised land...the sad list of examples go on for decades. 

I wanted this world to know me.

I wanted it to feel my pain and agony of being betrayed by the ones that gave me life. Only by knowing my pain will the world understand the meaning behind its end. 

But alas, the humans are so dimwitted in the simplest of things. They choose not to believe in the darkness that surrounds them but only to bicker amongst themselves of who is the better species. 

Its humorous to me. 

All this time they've at war with each other when they should have been combining forces for the greater threat at hand...me. 

The Grim Reaper.

The shadow of darkness itself who will return soon to claim the souls that are rightfully mine. Katarina was a fool to trust the humans in becoming strong enough to defeat me. The creatures of the supernatural world will fall once again and this world will meet its final end. 

My heart is becoming stronger within each hour of day and night. My strength is returning with each passing minute. 


I am the true meaning of despair.

© Copyright 2020 Syd Steele. All rights reserved.

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