White Rabbit

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Gremlins, Gargoyles, Vampires, and Witches are just part of a days work for Alex. Being born into a town brimming with dark secrets and endless mystery it was no surprise that Alex found himself training under his father to be the balance between the world humans knew and the supernatural world. Only after the death of his mother did his father adopt three children that Alex came to know as his brothers and sister. Little did he know, they would be the cause of his demise.
But Alex’s death has a price of its own.
Being an infamous assassin of supernatural beings has earned much hate and envy from the supernatural world including from the big dog himself The Grim Reaper. Upon reaching purgatory, Alex is cursed to seek revenge on his brothers and sister until the last drop of blood is shed. Only then will he be able to find true peace. Well, in his case, true DEATH.
But obstacles cloud his path of achieving his goal. Beings from all parts of Crescent City have heard of Alex’s return and are not happy about it.
With the help of a mysterious Wiccan girl named Sophie, Alex must seek revenge on his family, figure out the true meaning of his death, AND kill off the The Grim Reaper before he claims his soul for his own.
All in a days work, right?

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White Rabbit

Submitted: October 03, 2014

The town of Crescent Falls seems like a nice small town with people who tend to keep to themselves throughout the day. But the town is more than just simple. It's home to supernatural beings from werewolves to pyros. In an attempt to keep the town "normal" in a sense, a man recruits his son Alexander into a group called "The Order" whose sole purpose is to keep a balance between human and supernatural beings in Crescent Falls.
After being maliciously murdered by his own team and adopted brothers and sister, Alex is given a curse by Death himself to live a life of revenge until the last blood of his killers is shed.
Sophie, a young Wiccan, is saved by Alex soon after he's revived and the two quickly form a team after figuring they are both after the same people.
But there's more to this story than just a revenge plot. As Alex and Sophie both hunt down and kill his brother's and sister, Alex gathers clues and secrets that lead to the exact reason why he was murdered in the first place. Read Chapter


Submitted: October 03, 2014

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