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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Song Lyrics  |  House: Booksie Classic

Its a love story molded into a song...


Midnight stars twinkling in the sky,
I am sitting at the window
Thinking about our "goodbye"
you'd told me, you'd love me forever
you held my hand and promised 
That you'd never leave me,never...
There I was, begging you to stay!
I hoped you would give up
But you said,"sorry,goodbye" and went away...
Though I am one stap ahead 
But I can't ignore your will
But I had to try...
Coz I can't live without you,
Am addicted, I love you..
Disappearing like a mirage
I wish, I'd never let you go, never...
Roaming in the dark ,
searching you, who is lost forever...
And a low breeze sweeps my face
I realize I am back to present
I open my eyes and see a
shooting star fallin' across the sky..
I quickly close my eyes and wipe my tears
Interlock my fingers, wishing you were here...!
Three light knocks on the door
Save me from pouring again
I quickly run to get the door
I never guessed I'd get to see you here...
Your eyes on the floor, then you look at my face
You smile halfheartedly, I stare at your grace..
With your little lip movements you whisper..."sorry,again"...
I know I am one step ahead
But you'd started to say,
"I had to try...
Coz I can't live without you
I am addicted, I love you
I thought I'd become  a drug for you
I thought it wasn't right, so I tried to leave,
I thought I'd survive, but I too....din't"
"I knew you'd come back"
& A smile spreads across my face
Though the tears falling off
I reach you to embrace...
I wish I could hold you prisoner here
So I lock my fingers & whisper in his ear,
"Though I am one step ahead
I couldn't stop you my dear,
But you had to try...
Now you know,we can't live without each other
Am addicted, I love you more than ever,
Disappearing like a mirage
I wish I'd have never let you go, never...
I was hell wrong that
I thought, you were lost forever..."
I am so glad he was'nt lost forever..
You aren't lost....for...ever.......

Submitted: December 05, 2011

© Copyright 2021 sydeeee. All rights reserved.

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