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I decided to write this piece around 3 am after all the hurtfull relationships ive been in with people..not only with me, but with the world. i hope this inspires all of you ^_^

Submitted: October 06, 2011

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Submitted: October 06, 2011




 Writing a poem to everyone who's up..lifes hard and with people ive had ways are very unselfish i never strut..sumtimes i think i love and care to much..why why do people suck?  Probably cuz theyr selfish as fuck..all i do is lend out my hand..just to see them smile grand..thats wat makes me happy i no it sounds weird..recently all ive been doing is whisking my beard..wishinging every single human was like me..thoughtful, kind, branching out sorta like the giving tree..A world of piece is wat we need..not bodies, minds, or hearts that bleed..fuck the gov. Theyr ruining this world..I just wana make sure its safe for my little boy or more bloodshed n no more tears everyones gotta wake up n look in the mirror..wats r destination? Do we have a plan?  Lets change the world for better..each woman, child and all starts with YOU.  Make small adjustments to how ur living.  Even if it means putting on a fake smile.  Love is contageous.  Its a disease.  Once it spreads we wont beable to stop it...#PEACEANDLOVETAKEOVER... 


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