She Who Is

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Something I wrote for a school essay. I'm aware that it's over the top, that was it's very purpose.
There was also a limit to length, so that accounts for the brief ending.
A dream I had of a she demon attacking me and killing my family.

Submitted: March 24, 2013

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Submitted: March 24, 2013




Agony seized control over my stomach, sending sharp bursting pain through my ribs with every breath that whistled its way up my raw throat. My feet pounded mercilessly into the unyielding earth, solid from the ages of neglect. The endless stretch of grass laid out before me was highlighted a deep violet, creating a dark yet undeniably beautiful display as moonlight filtered through desiccated trees, searching desperately for the sustenance they would never obtain. Panic shrouded my mind, obscuring my judgment. Everything was a confused struggle as my mind made futile efforts to comprehend my terrifying predicament.

A sudden change in the level of the ground made my abdomen quiver in excitement and exhaustion. Realizing the flat plane was now sloping gently upward, I puffed expectantly and tried to remember how long I had been running, but all to no avail. Without warning, a burst of adrenaline shocked my veins and sparked a path through my body, while leaving a burn that thrilled my whole being. The horrifying shriek that had caused this sensation dwindled quickly and left nothing but an evil chill on the air that was nearly tangible. I tried to spit the putrid malevolence out, to rid myself of its vile aura, but instead, my tongue seemed to swell and grow heavy. Angry amethyst clouds swirled and bucked wickedly above my head, as if ready to observe my dreadful demise. Wheezing desperately and reaching towards the enraged heavens, I choked on my own tongue, the infection of pure evil spreading to my very fingertips.

Pain is everywhere, confounding my senses. Inhalation generated jagged blades to perforate my malleable innards. Even so, my eyes travel to a gruesome scene.

Broken weeping escapes the throat of a young girl and turns to a bloody retch as a sharp point is driven into her mouth. More significantly, though, is the woman beside her. From my current position, I see only cascading ringlets of the deepest black, and faultless curves that are tightly bound in a soiled garb of crimson. A malevolent aura shrouds her, and what modest vegetation there was at her feet has shriveled and died.

Even through the anguish, my conscience rang out. There was an elongated tube in her mouth, connecting to a vat of poisonous gas, and with a frightened cry my foot stomped down on the conduit of the girl’s demise. All at once, the woman’s head turned—but without her body. The grotesque scene was exacerbated by bulging muscles and the splitting and cracking of her breaking bones. Bile ascended in my throat at the realization of her utter lack of humanity. Her lank, greasy hair framed her visage in feral tendrils, and a fluid darker than blood oozed from her eyes and the edges of her lips. Teeth barbed, more hazardous than that of a standard individual, were bared in an expression of utter vehemence. Instead of speaking, an enraged hiss escaped her chapped lips.

“You will pay!” I would have anticipated a hoarse, sinful voice, but hers was of velvet. Corrupted, perhaps, but beautiful nevertheless. Her tone would have been saccharine if not for the stream of curses and coercion now openly surging from her mouth. Drowning in inconceivable terror I had never before experienced, my legs pumped of their own power. My fatigue had dissipated in the face of survival. Though I knew pain was throbbing in the deep recesses of my body, I ran. I ran harder than ever before. I loped from the field, and with intense relief I spotted my petite, inviting home.

“Mom!” I wheezed desperately. “Mom!” I threw open her bedroom door.

“What… it’s three in the morning… what are you doing?” she murmured

“She’s coming. She coming! She’ll kill us, we have to run!” I panicked.

“What-?” a horrible screeching cut her off. The dark silhouette of Her was in the window, and jagged, festering nails were dragging across the pane. Maniacal laughter echoed throughout the room.

“I… I love you, Momma.” I sobbed, incapacitated by fear, but soon my feet were working, again of their own accord. Through the twisting halls I hoped the demon would grow confused… and that she would leave my mother be in favor of my own death. This wish was cut short with a bloodcurdling scream. The tormented cries lasted on and on, and each sob pierced my heart with grief. I knew she was dead, I knew that She would kill me with hands soaked in the blood of my own flesh.

“Hey, hun!” I heard, much contradictory to the situation.

“You have to… you have to run!” I panted.


“Again with the questions!” I roared. “I cannot have another death on my conscience!”

“I’m coming!” She… It… cackled. Confused, my cousin stood there with her head cocked.

“Who-” and she cracked. Her spine twisted without any visible assault. Grotesque in itself, the death’s disturbing factor was heightened by my relation to her. I threw myself through the nearest door and found myself sprawled in a thin layer of snow. It being mid winter, the sky was appropriately tumbling down in crystalline flakes.

“Just kill me…” I muttered. “I want to die.” But now She was naught to respond. I felt pathetic giving up, letting my fatality come as it would, but there seemed no point in trying. The more I fought, the more she destroyed.

I lay there and waited. I waited for an extensive quantity of time, but never did she come. I retched in the snow, and a bloody nose turned the gorgeous ice about me pink. Instinctively, I knew she would never come to end it all, but slowly I froze. The snow continued in massive flurries and buried me even as consciousness ebbed away, and still I waited. I was afraid to move. Any substantial damage She did was inferior in comparison to the psychological harm. And thus, I waited more.

Death came, and by morning there was nothing to find but decaying, gore splashed corpses, one torn limb from limb, one with a broken spine, and one a young girl frozen to death. Her blue eyes were open, reflecting the ice which stiffened her auburn hair.


Never did they discover the cause of deaths. To this day it remains a mystery that baffles any who cross this heartrending case.

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