Beau and Arrow

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
Jessica Larae is your typical young inner city girl with a love for art, traveling and women.

The only thing Aurora Mathers loves is men or so she thought until she ran into Ms. Larae.

Submitted: January 28, 2017

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Submitted: January 28, 2017



 Beau and Arrow


It was early maybe one or two o’clock in the morning when I finally managed to stumble up all of the stairs and abuse the door lock of the third floor with my key. I never usually come home early but that guy was giving me bad vibes and I couldn’t find Aro. When I got inside I kicked off my black wedges with a grey satin lining that traced my achilles tendon. And for some reason when I’m drunk i always manage to take off all my clothes where my towel is hanging, excluding my underwear. I laid down on my bed and as I close my eyes the spins jolt me awake, fuck that i think to myself as i walk down the hallway to get some water. When i get into the kitchen i get a quick whiff of nausea and run to the bathroom.

* ** ***

After changing my clothes, I made my way back to the refrigerator for a drink of water that i most definitely needed now.

“Heyyyy bitchhhh”

Aro trips into the house and throws her off white and grey Louis Vuitton MONTAIGNE BB style bag on the desk.

Jess where the fuuuuck did you go? I was looking for you for like 10 minutes dude.” “ Where did I go? Aro I looked all around the bar, since i couldn’t find you i figured you went to hook up with one of those guys from the bar.”

“They were repulsive, even if i am drunk i would never hook up with them.. But i do want to hook up with you.”

Secretly, I love when Aro is drunk. Let me just tell you this girl has the most perfect ass from playing soccer her whole life and her tits oh my god. She has her nipple pierced but only the right one. Fuck. This isn’t fair she knows I’m gay and she still wants to play with my feelings like this, I tell her over and over all she says is “you’re my baby girl and you know you like it-” which I do... But it’s just not fair.

“Aro you looked so hot tonight.” Jess said as she bit her bottom lip and stared into my soul.

When she said things like that it gave me that feeling, you know, the feeling when you know you’re about to hook up with someone and your vagina is just beating like a drum.

“Aro you can’t keep playing with my emotions like this, you’re way too hot and I’m way too horny.”

“Oh shut up you know you like it, now lay down on the couch.”

I always did what she told me. Always. You can’t say no to Aro, Aro isn’t that kind of woman. Aro is the kind of girl that will flash her big hazel eyes and bat her perfectly mascaraed eyelashes at you before she asks if you can do her a favor. Aro is the kind of girl that will act all shy around your friends the first time she meets them and then later will secretly slip her hand in your jeans at the restaurant, gesturing you to be quiet. We were friends but we were also so much more than that. We shared the same sexual curiosities, we would look for new things to be curious about. Toys, food, costumes; we were always coming up with new ideas. No one knows about us. This is our little secret. I feel like even if we did tell people they would think we’re fucking weird. And to be honest I think it’s fucking weird that people don’t do this.

** ** ***

Once we settled in we went to sit in the living room to watch Batman before we knock out. Aro decided it was a good idea to buy a futon when we first moved in but let me tell you this thing is uncomfortable every time we try to relax, we end up making it into a bed. I have to sit up during movies because if I don't then I get so exhausted. Aro came up and layed inbeween my legs... I always get goosebumps because of the way her silky hair droops over my legs.

“Jess you are just so sexy.” Aro smirks and then traces her tongue all the way from my knee to my inner thigh.

I got the shivers when she twirled onto her stomach and took both of her hands and put one on each of the back of my thigh, she pushed my legs up to my ears, puts her head down in bewteen my thighs and traces her lips along my line. 

“Hold your legs here.” Aro demands me.

She gets on her knees and slowly pulls off her green tank top. She’s so sexy. After that she unhooks her red bra, I like when she wears this one. It’s made out of lace. There’s just something about red or black lace that says fuck me.

You can let go now.”

I free my legs.

She slides my cargos and black thong off of my body.

Put your legs back the way I had them, except this time put your arms around them and hold your own hands.”  Then she leans over me to look for something, I assume it’s her purse. She’s always looking for that thing.

“It’s on the table.”

She gets up to grab it. I admire her perfectly toned body, the way she sways her hips as she walks, the way her 32 C-cup boobs bounce. I always want to see everything she does in slow motion so I can admire it a little longer. When she gets back she handcuffs my wrists. Even if I want to put my legs down, I can’t.

“Jess I can admire your body all day or I can play with it.”

I licked my lips.

I moan as she slips her pointer finger inside of me, moving it up and down, in and out.

“Do you like that?”

I nod and she slips a second finger into me.

“I love making you wet.” I loved when she made me wet too.

“Fuck.” I moan as my insides already start to pulsate. She giggles and slides her tongue across my clit.

I want to pull her hair but my hands are restricted.

She looks me in the eyes and sucks on my clit. My legs start shaking- she notices and slips another finger into me, thrusting in and out of my dripping pussy, hard.

“Fuck Aro."

" Fuck."

"I’m gonna come.”

“Dont come yet”

She runs her tongue over my clit again, except this time with more power.

“I love feeling you come Jess, I love watching the faces you make.” Jess whispers in my ear as she slides her fingers out.

** ** ***

After I get released from the cuffs I sit up push her down onto the couch. I get on top of her and run my fingers through her wavy strawberry blonde hair. I begin to kiss her neck, that’s her weak spot.

** ** ***


The first time I learned that that was her weak spot was when we were freshman and we came back to the dorms after a party and were cuddling, drinking water and trying to watch a movie. I was so drunk so I started to playfully bite her neck. When I looked at her she was biting her lip and asked me to do it again, so I did and again and again. After a few minutes of biting and sucking on her neck and her moaning, she took my hand and slid it into her sweatpants, she was soaked.

** ** **


Nibbling on her neck and twisting her nipples was her favorite. Or maybe it was my favorite because of the random little squeals she lets out. Either way, we both enjoyed it.

"I want you to make love to me."

 We have never even fucked before. I don’t think she has ever fucked a girl before.

“Aro. I can’t fuck you, not when you’re drunk. I want you to want me when we’re sober.” Aro looked disappointed but I had every right to tell her no.

* ** * *

Later on that week my office was throwing this stupid party where all those skinny little bitches dress in black and white skin tight bodycon dresses with their Christian Louboutin shoes gather around the open bar and gossip about our boss. Of course I was invited, I mean who wouldn’t want me there? But I had to invite Aro, she loved these things and I loved the way she looked when she put on those tight little dresses.

“Hey babes are we going shopping today?”

“I am most definitely... not going shopping.”

“Come on Jess you’re so lame you never want to go anywhere and I really want your help.”


“- You can watch me try them on, I know you like that.”

“Well when you put it that way... I guess I’ll come but i'm not going to be happy about it”

“Well I’m gonna go shower you better be ready before I come back.”


Aro went into her room and gathered her robe and toiletries and made her way into the bathroom.

While she was showering I went into the kitchen to fix myself something to eat. I didn’t quite know what I wanted, I’m kind of in the mood for grilled tofu and nachos and I’m also kind of in the mood for a tuna sandwich. I went with the sandwich because I don't really feel like cooking today and this is just a quick fix. I grab the tuna and the mayonnaise, the bread and the jalapenos and I put together my sandwich. I make Aro one as well because even if she doesn't end up wanting it she’ll whine and be all “you didn’t make me one, you don't care about my health.” jokingly of course but it’s still kind of annoying. After I make our sandwiches and put all the stuff away, I make my way into the living room and turn on the TV. There's nothing really on so I put it on E! to see what kind of gossip is going around today. Apparently Kanye cheated on Kim with one of his ex's, HA, I laugh at the TV thinking about how much I would hate if every moment of my private life was trying to be watched and recorded by no-life reporters with nothing better to do than slander the celebrities.


“Jess!!” Aro calls me from the shower.

“What?” I yell back.

“Can you be a babe and bring my green furry slippers I left at the end of the bed please?”


I take a big sigh and pick myself up from the couch and walk to Aro’s room.

By the way her room has the most random belongings in it one will ever see. Her closet is stocked full and color coded as well as her shoes which rest on a shelf right below the hanging clothes. This girl probably has a hundred pairs of shoes. Her bed is queen sized with silky black sheets and a yellow bedspread all bunched up at one of the ends. On her desk is a mirror, which is quite big. Around her mirror is her hairsprays and hair brushes, makeup, you name it, it’s there.  She hung a shelf above her radiator not too long ago which she keeps her hookah, two bongs and soccer trophy on. But one thing I’ve noticed that must be new is her portrait of us. A whole bunch of little pictures she must have printed out at CVS and glued to a canvas. This lies right above her headboard. Anyways, I finally see her slippers sticking out from the end of her bed and bring them into the bathroom.

“Here ya go.” I say as I put the slippers at the end of the bathroom rug.

“Thanks Jess, wanna join?”

I knew she was going to ask me that. I mean she is sober but maybe I should make her wait, make her beg for once.

No I’m okay, I’m just going to throw on some sweats and shower after we go shopping, I didn’t do much yesterday anyway.”

“Well alright if that’s what you want.”


So I walked back to my room which is straight out of an Ikea catalogue if I do say so myself. I have a gothic-modern styled queen bed. It’s black with four black posts, two in the front and two on the back, which are full of my clothes I didn't feel like putting away yet. My red curtains compliment my bed very well. I have two dressers in my room, one long and one is tall. Atop the long one is my mirror and my collection of makeup and fingernail polish, the other has pictures of my family and some of Aro and I. The whole organization process is more Aro’s thing than mine. My drawers and closet are a hot mess. If my mom ever saw this she’d freak. She always tells me that I wear too much black and that I need to add some color in my life. Mother also tells me I’m a grown woman who has to start caring what her room looks like because it’s a reflection of yourself. And I think the description of a hot mess fits me very well.

JESS COME ON, I’M READY.” Aro yells from the living room.

“Well don’t you look beautiful today” I compliment her, she likes that.

“Thanks.” Well that was very bland.

“What’s wrong.”

“Well I just hate when you wear sweatpants out and I’m all dressed up.”

“Aro I’m not getting into anymore arguments about this, it’s not like we’re together and I’m making you look bad. If anything I’m making you look better because I look like this." 


Of course she rolled her eyes with nothing else to say.

So we left our apartment and walked to the subway, which is only like five minutes away. I really do hate the subway. It’s filled with a bunch of whiny little kids, CEO’s, crack heads, homeless people, women in heels and men that smell of BO. Not to mention the pedophiles.

Aro on the other hand loves the subway, I remember one night we were heading back from a party on the lower east side and on the way back Aro begged me to take the subway with her instead of a cab. I was drunk, I like making the girl happy so I went along with it. As we were walking down the cement stairs covered in gum, spit and wrappers of sorts you could hear a deep bass sound followed with some high pitched instrument probably the symbols on a drum. I wondered what I was getting myself into but she grabbed my hand and made me run down the last flight of stairs with her until we got to a line of about four people waiting to buy their subway pass. When we got through the gate we saw a huge crowd of people, young and old gathering to watch these older black men, must have been friends for years the way they played and laughed with one another. One was playing the drums, the other a harmonica and one was singing a blues tune. It was the most fun I had in awhile. The older couples were swinging back and forth to the music. What I love about Aro is her capability to love all things. Music, art, movies, animals even people. She just has something about her that makes people smile. She grabbed my hand and swung me towards her, I twisted around with her hand in mine above our heads. I spun her towards me and placed my hand on her lower back and dipped her almost upside down, I know she’s flexible but I was amazed when her hands almost touched the ground but I lifted her back up because the subway floors are disgusting.

Anyways when we got on the train it was crowded just like I was worried about. There was one seat and I walked over to it as quick as I could and Aro just grabbed the handle above my head.

“Can I sit and you can sit on my lap?” Aro asked me.

“Yeah are you sure? I don't want to-”

“Don't say anything you're not even heavy, now sit.”

Aro sat up straight and pulled her dress down a little and then made a gesture indicating me to sit.

“Jess can I ask you something.”

“Yeah whats up”

“Can you put my purse on your lap it's hurting my side”


Then I felt something creeping into my waist line and slide across my stomach at the top of my pussy. I looked back at Aro and she just licked her lips and sat back.

“Sit back we have at least 10 more minutes. I figured we could kill some time.”

So I leaned back against her chest and she moved her hands farther south until her middle finger was at the tip of my crease.

“How does it feel that everyone is looking at you while you're feeling like this? I know you like to make faces. Better keep them hidden unless you want them to know.” Aro whispered in my ear.

She slid her left hand under my butt cheek and used the right one to graze her middle finger over my clit. Back and forth slowly but lightly pressing into it. I was already so wet. It hasn't even been two minutes. A guy across from me is staring at us and whispering to his friend. They probably know what's going on. Aro’s right, I always make faces even when-

“Fuck.” I jump.

I can feel my insides wanting to clench together but I try and hold it back.

Aro lifted her fingers out and let me breathe.

I don't want you to come yet. I want to make your insides ache.”

Her words send goose-bumps all throughout my body and I can feel my pussy throbbing.

“Take a deep breath.”

I breathe in and she slams two fingers into me until her knuckles reach my vagina. My eyes roll to the back of my head and my goose bumps reappear. She puts her thumb on my clit and starts moving it in circles slower and slower as she sweeps her pointer and middle finger back inside of me.

I can't stop bucking my hips to the rhythm of her fingers.

Aro I-”

“Do you want more?”

I shook my head.

“Okay then do as I say. In two seconds there is going to be a stop. We’re going to get out and I want to show you something.”

Aro continues her motions until the subway slowly came to a halt and she took her fingers out from me I got up from her lap- trying to nonchalantly pick my thong out of my soaked lower area.  Aro took my hand and lead me to this dark hallway where you could see a flickering light at the end about 50 feet away. I noticed it was a bathroom when we got a little closer. Aro grabbed my hand and pulled me inside. When we were both in this creepy, barely lit, musty smelling bathroom, Aro peeked out the door to make sure no one was coming and then locked it behind her.

“Sit on the sink”

“Ew Aro this place is disgusting.” she rolled her eyes at me and took her cardigan off and laid it across the counter where the sinks are.

“Now. Sit.” she demanded me.

I was about to lift myself onto the counter-

Wait take off your pants first.” I did as she said and slid my Champion grey sweatpants onto the floor along with my soaking black thong.

I propped myself back onto the sink. Aro came closer and licked my bottom lip. She trailed that tongue down my stomach and to my belly button. Then she took an ankle in both hands and told me to spread my legs like that and keep them there.

I did as she said basking in my nakedness when anyone can walk into this bathroom at any moment.

Aro slid her dress off of her perfectly moisturized body. She walked up to kiss me again and I cupped both of her perfectly shaped boobs with her cute pink nipples no bigger than a chocolate coin.

What I’d do to lick chocolate off of her right now.

I love the way Aro sways her head back whenever she’s feeling some type of pleasure. Aro came back up and pushed me towards the mirror, I almost hit my head. She took each of my heels and placed them onto the edge of the shiny sink.

“Now don’t yell”

Aro took cold water in her hands and held it in her mouth for about 10 seconds. 

I was pretty confused.

But then she spit it out in the sink and  clashed her tounge with my clit, I was in pure ecstasy, the coldness of her mouth and the hotness of my pussy was bliss.

She makes me question who the lesbian is here, her or me? 


We finally arrived to East Riverside Mall and we stopped in the food court to grab some coffee. I like Dunkins and she likes Starbucks, we can never agree on anything. I was sitting on one of the higher tables near the carousel full of kids screaming and mothers waving to their hyperactive children. I like to fish out my prey in the food court. My eye catches some beautiful red head with a bob, she has on black jeans, worn brown boots and a purple plaid button up shirt, the two top buttons are unbuttoned to show just enough cleavage. Man is she beautifull but i'm too shy to go up to a beautiful woman like that. Maybe next time is what I always tell myself. 

"Hey babes." Aro says and sits in the creaky black chair across from me. 

"Hey, what did you get this time?"

"An iced black tea, no dairy, extra sugar."

"Ew I can't believe you put extra sugar that shit is gross."

"I can't believe you drink yours black and unsweetened, disgusting." 

I roll my eyes. 

"So what store are we off to next?" I ask her.

"Probably Macy's and then Sacs Fi-.." Aro stops and stares behind me.

A big palm lands on my shoulder with such force and determination. 

"Jessica Larae, the last person I thought I would ever see at the mall." 

I turn around and it's my boss, Mr. Ledger with his blindingly white grin and his perfectly aligned 5 o'clock shadow. 

"Hi Dean." I say blandly.

See, this is why I don't come to malls, I always bump into people who know me and I do not want to conversate with them, especially not with my boss. 

"Jessica be a lady and introduce me to your lovely friend." What a dick.

"Aro this is Dean, my boss. Dean this is Aurora Mathers, my roomate."

"Beauty in the flesh. I mean Jessica talks about you but I didn't imagine how alluring you would be to the male eye."

She giggles and blushes. 

"Well Mr. Ledger."

"Please call me Dean." He cuts her off and kises the top of her hand.

"Dean." she continues. "You are quite the eye candy as well."

"Compliments are so much better coming from a beautiful young woman like you. Are you single Miss Mathers?”

“I am.” She replies with a half smile as she looks down and picks at her fingernails.

“Oh wonderful, here take my number..” Dean says as he slides a yellow and white metal chair from the table beside us and places it next to me. He reaches into his left inner suit pocket and pulls out a business card that reads:


Ledger and Associates Travel Corp.

147 Blithewood Avenue

Orange, NY.


Aro takes his card and flips it over, it reads:


CEO Dean Ledger

Cell: 845-291-9384

Office: 845-321-9381



“Well thank you Dean, I am flattered.”


“The pleasure is all mine Miss Mathers. Now Jessica, Stacy just quit and I have a promotion to offer you. I would love for you to be my assistant instead of doing that dreadful office work all day.”


“Oh Dean, I don’t know what to say! This is the best day of my life. I am so thankful.”


“No Jessica, we are thankful for you. You are the only one who has lasted in this position that long, most go running for the hills after the first couple months. I can tell you are dedicated, respectful and hard working and I would love your keen sense of judgement and stability to help guide me throughout my day.”


“I don’t know what to say.” Teary eyed.


“I was thinking after the party tonight, I would love for you to come next door to the Triton Hotel to discuss the terms of this position. Just don’t drink too much and I would love for you to bring your lovely friend. She can help herself to whatever my suite accommodated for me.”


“We will be there. Thank you so much Dean, this is amazing.”


Dean nodded and stood up from his chair, he straightened out his perfectly fitted, stiff, navy blue suit.


“I look forward to tonight.” He said as he left our table and disappeared into the crowd of mall goers.


“AHHHHHHHH! Jess, why didn't you tell me your boss was a freaking God sent beautiful angel from above?!”


“I guess I don’t really see him that way and half of me knew if I ever brought you into work you would fangirl over him like you are doing right now.”




At about 8pm Aro and I started to get ready for the party. I bought a black and red one piece at Express, it hugged my curves graciously. I bought a pair of YSL pumps and the heel was lined with sewn red roses. Let me tell you, I do not do dresses but when it is a work gathering with the most prestigious CEOs, millionaires, charity organizations and such I try to not look so much like a tom boy. It’s sad that I already don’t get taken that serious as a woman in my field but being a gay woman throws me even more under the radar. As much as I hate putting on a show, I need this party to go as smooth as possible so I can discuss my new position with Dean afterwards. I’m standing in my bathroom straightening and then curling my curly, thick, dark brown mane when Aro walks in. She is wearing a shimmery gold spaghetti strapped dress that falls ever so loosely over her breasts and sits about seven inches above her thigh. On her neck sits a black velvet choker that compliments her small black diamond studs.


"So how do I look?" She does a twirl.


"Like a golden delicious apple I could just bite into." I lick my lips.


"Don't start. I need to save my energy for Dean. Do you want to pre-game?" 


"Yeah start me off with two shots of Patron babes."


I come into the kitchen after I throw on a soft and natural makeup look that I copied from watching Youtube. It wasnt the best but it definitely makes me look better. I step atop the bar stool in our kitchen that surrounds our marble island. Aro hands me two tall Patron shots and two sliced limes covered with sea salt. Aro pours herself two shots as well and throws them back. After I finish my round, she pours us another two shots. By the time i'm done with my third one I already feel it. For some reason every time I take a shot it warms my stomach and gives me a fuzzy feeling in my pussy- I wonder if this is what ecstacy is like. 


"So I think we should leave by like 930." I said to Aro.


"What time is it now?"




"Okay cool, I just have to brush my teeth and then we can leave."  

When we arrived it was at the most beautiful hotel i have ever seen. The outside building shined bright against the moonlight revealing the gold and white painted architecture. In front of the see-through double doors was a bouncer, he was dressed in a fitted grey suit and wore a gold tie. Wow wish I got the gold memo, I thought to myself. He was a younger black man and his suit complimented his caramel skin color perfectly.

“Names?” He said to us and gave a stern look.


“Um Jessica Larae and one guest- Aurora Mathers.”

He scanned the first two pages of the guest list.


Yup right here, okay Miss Larae, Miss Mathers. When you go inside to your left is a coat stand if you would like to check your coat or purses in. To the right are the rest rooms and right past the restrooms there is a hallway that will lead you to the main lobby and from there, there should be signs leading you to your designated seats.”


“Thank you Sir.” I said feeling quite weird because he was definitely younger than I.


Aro and I walked in and checked our coats in but we left our clutches with us to hold our phones, money amongst other random items. We walked down the hallway to our right that the young man had suggested to us and we were blown away. The end of the hall lead to a elegantly set up room, it was so spacious- it almost looked like an opera house. There were balconies that had tables that were set with an off-white and coral theme from the napkins to the plates. The room was already packed, women and men dressed in their most expensive attire. Shot girls walking around with glasses of champagne atop their silver platters. A band that was playing house music was on the stage at the very front. There was an open bar to my left and a crowd of people surrounding it. Aro and I were in awe. Right in front of us was a schedule of sorts. It grouped us into categories.


  1. Travel Agents and Company

  2. Communications and Media

  3. Board and Founders

  4. Extras


I figured extras was just a nice way of putting the labor work done in our buildings in a category. People like the janitors, painters and people of that nature. Well I was part of Communications and Medias. Aro and I went to each table marked with a card that read “2” until we saw our name cards. Our table was across from the bar but not too far away from the stage that we couldn’t see what was going on.


“Let me go grab us a drink.” Aro said as she put her hand on my shoulder.

You want a pomegranate martini?” She knew me too well.

Yes that sounds great, thanks.”


I sat in my seat and pulled my phone out of my black leather clutch, anything to avoid socializing with people I don’t know.


“Jessica, Jessica, Jessica. Typical of you to be sitting here trying to avoid all human contact.” a woman said in an all too familiar voice.


Hi Macy.” I said in a monotonous voice.  


Macy Goldman. We had a thing about a year ago. Dean had her shadow me so I would be able to teach her the ins and outs of how to Network our company properly so that when people would search for a trip, say to Miami, that when they logged onto their social media our airlines would pop-up and they would be subconsciously aware of what airline company to use. We started off as really good friends. We would go on business trips together when I use to travel more. We’ve been to Zimbabwe, Korea, Spain, Berlin and so many more places. We use to always fly coach on our long flights which was definitely a perk of having Dean for a boss, he is so selfless and really does want the best for his subordinates. Anyways, those long flights were hell, there is only so many movies you can watch and how many books you can read until you get bored. I mean we would talk but by the fourth or fifth flight we knew everything about one another. Obviously conversations about sex were more interesting. She said that she has never even kissed a girl, not even drunk like most of her friends- she told me. I figured she was implying that she wanted me to be her first. One day we boarded the plane for Moscow and decided to order some wine. We talked and flirted and then she told me that red wine makes her horny. I was buzzed but I couldn’t turn down this opportunity. Macy was sexy. She is a thicker mixed woman, half Brazilian and half Dominican. She had big brown eyes and the whitest smile that gleamed between her constant glosses lips. Her boobs were probably only an A cup but she made up for it in ass. So I asked her if she wanted to use the bathroom with me. Usually only one person is allowed but i tip the flight attendant benevolently so she gives me leeway on the plane. Macy placed her wine glass in the cup holder attached to the seat in front of her and got up and walked to the bathroom. I followed her. So much sexual tension for so long I felt like a bear who has just woken up from his hibernation. She walked into the bathroom and stood against the wall and waited for me to come in. I shut the metal door behind us and locked it. I pushed her shoulders against the cold metal wall and laid my lips on her sweet gloss. Her tongue piercing grazed my virgin tongue and it was electrifying. She pushed me back into the sliding door and threw her top off and unclipped the front of her bra. I grasped her waist with my hands and bent down a bit to run my hot tongue against her sprouting nipples.

I looked up at her face and she was clenching her teeth together and throwing her head back. I gently grinded my teeth against her diamond nipple rings. She sucked her breath in. Then she pushed me off of her and pointed to the closed toilet seat. I sat down and looked up at her licking her lips.

“Put your legs up.” She demanded. She pulled my white shorts right off without unbuttoning or unzipping. Wow this girl is an animal.

“Now what?” I asked her. I like to be in control but she was too damn sexy for me to refuse.


“Take your thong off.”  I did as she said.


“I want to watch you finger yourself, it turns me on.”  The way my eyes widened was like I was being woken up for the first time.


I shrugged my shoulders and licked two fingers. I watched her eyes trail my fingers from my belly button to my pussy. I was already wet from the determination and confidence of her. I slowly slid them into my hot wet flesh and kept a steady rhythm.


“I want to cum just from watching you.”


“That’s it.”  I said as i cupped her ass to pick her up and sat her on top of the sink.


I threw her skirt up and to my surprise she had no panties. This girl knew I was going to cave in and that just made my hunger for her grow. I looked her in the eyes and she smiled at me. I got on my knees and kissed her clit, i slid my tongue down to her pussy and she was soaked. I slid it back up and started to do what i do best. I fingered her at the same time. She was bucking her hips to the rhythm of my fingers. She loved it.


"Fuck, i'm gonna cum." she yelled." I stopped what I was doing. Not quite yet. I bunched up her shirt and twirled it then I placed it around her mouth and tied it against the back of her curls. 


"Now shut up before we get caught." She shook her head.


I started my routine again and she sarted to shake. "Jess" she mumbled through the soaking wet shirt, everytime I stuck my fingers in she would open her mouth even wider. 


I could feel her walls clamp down on my fingers and she started to gasp through the shirt. 




Well that was one hell of a day dream. 


























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