Different Colors

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Ever wonder how other people see the world? Well I can explain.

Submitted: July 19, 2013

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Submitted: July 19, 2013



  Have you ever had a "color argument?" You know, where you and someone else argue about a color like orange or red? This may be because you and that person see colors differently. Your "red" could look like your "pink". For instance, try describing the color blue, theres simply no words for it. Except for the words warm and cool. For example, red is a "warm" color, blue is a "cool" color. I've always thought of warm colors to be like summer and autumn. Oranges, reds, yellows, browns. Cool is like winter and early spring, Blue, teal, purple.

  An example from VSauce on Youtube is, What if an alien came to Earth and happend to speak English and saw colors differently from humans? How would we be able to describe how we saw the colors? The fact is we couldn't. There just isn't enough words in the English vocabulary. This has always been a favorite subject of mine. My friend and I often disscus it.

  So the next time you have a "color argument" think of this disscusion we had. Your colors are unique.


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Different Colors

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