My Silent Dream

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This is one of the first poems I wrote. I wrote this at 2am sitting in my bed, and feeling a little lonely and sad, but hopeful. I think those feelings came through in the writing.

Submitted: June 13, 2008

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Submitted: June 13, 2008




Late one night, the moon was high,

In the indigo sky among the clouds

One star shone bright.

It wouldn't give up without a fight.

As I looked up at that lonely star

I felt stronger and braver

Knowing that someone meant for me

Was looking out at that same brave star

And making a wish to the angels above.

God looked down on earth and saw

The loneliness, despair and unfulfilled dreams.

He called the angels near to Him

And gave them each a star.

A diamond to hold in the night

And look down to the world.

But to one angel He gave a wish

A silent dream meant just for me...

Knowing that if I just looked up

I would see my world the way it's meant to be.

That one small star held by the smallest of angels,

The brave little ones looking down on me,

Seeing my wish and my dreams.

So late one night when the moon was high

And the clouds hung in the indigo sky

One small star shone so bright.

It wouldn't give up, not without a fight.

I looked up, I saw my dream.

My angel smiled and dropped it down.

My wish it came down as star dust.

The golden glow filled my heart

I suddenly knew it would be alright

The night would soon be gone.

My angel knowing her work was done,

Smiled down at me and disappeared in a golden light.

Back in Heaven she went to God

And said, "it has been sent".

"Well done my child," said God to her

"Now she will be alright."

So late at night, when the moon is high

And clouds hang in the indigo sky.

When one small star shines down so bright.

Look up, an angel is there for you.

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