The Creature I Am Inside (Revised)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

A story about a teenage girl who turns into a creature she never knew existed except in fairy tale. It all happened one night when she got bitten by a weird creature she didn't know exist. Will this change her life forever?
© Sylvermyst

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Table of Contents

Before I Became A Werewolf

A story about a girl who turns into a creature she never knew existed except in fairy tales.
This chapter introduces the two main characters: Camille and Wolf boy. Read Chapter

Meeting Kyle

In this chapter, you now know the werewolf's name-- Kyle-- and find out he has a pack of 5-- now 6-- which includes Kyle, Camille, Amber, Dylan, Silver, and Candy. You also learn that they don't eat wild animals but also cheeseburgers. Read Chapter

Heading Out

In this chapter, you meet the pack members and get to know more about them. Read Chapter

Meeting The Gang

As the title suggest you are meeting the gang/pack. Read Chapter

The Green Eyed Monster

In this chapter, you learn about how that werewolves mate for life and that's why Kyle has no Alpha Female and a love triangle starts. Read Chapter

Asking The Question That Could Alter My Life More

In this chapter, you will learn that jealous is not only affecting Amber. Read Chapter

Admitting His Feelings For Me

In this chapter, you will learn about Kyle's feelings towards Camille. Read Chapter

Camille's First Changing Part 1

In this chapter, it's about Camille's first changing in to a werewolf. Read Chapter

Camille's First Changing Part 2

In this chapter, this is when the actually changing begins and you see the eyes of Camille's wolf. Read Chapter

Confessions Of A Teenage Wolf

In this chapter, everyone is waking up from the change and the Hunt. As well as Kyle and Dylan have a heart to heart talk. Read Chapter

Feeling Like A Fool

In this chapter, everyone pairs off and is trying to understand their feelings. Camille feels like a fool though because she almost trips in front of her crush. Read Chapter

What Are They Talking About? Should I Be Scared?

In this chapter, poor Kyle doesn't know what Camille and Candy's conversation is about and left to worry-- what is about me? is that a good or bad thing. Read Chapter

Missing Sasha

In this chapter, Camille remembers Sasha as she becomes friends with Candy. Read Chapter

Picking Something Pretty To Wear

In this chapter, Candy is trying to help Camille pick something to wear, to feel beautiful on her double date with Kyle. As well as Amber is actually nice to Camille.
(I like how Candy and Camille have become fast friends) Read Chapter

Living My Life As A Werewolf

In this chapter, it has been a few years (duh. . . I know it's in the title but whatever) and shows how Camille's life has been thus far.
(Leave in the comments if you want me to add more to the story such as a sequel) Read Chapter