V. Alentine

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Submitted: November 29, 2011

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Submitted: November 29, 2011




She was bored with compliments just to lift her mood ever so slightly, compliments that fell of tongues in an effortless flow of conversation.

She was bored of the way they talked about her as she was just a doll.

She used to be content with this, with empty niceties and falsified smiles but since then she’d tasted the rushed Iloveyou’s and you’re beautiful’s. The smiles and niceties hadn’t really satisfied her hunger ever since. 

She knew it was greedy, she never deserved what she desired; but for so long had she thirsted, song long had she needed to be wanted.

So what know she thought, where did she go?

She was lusting after something that made her feel less lonely but she couldn’t fit comfortably with someone else like everyone else so easily managed to do.

She hadn’t found her parallel yet. Like a key with out a lock she sat alone, forgotten.

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