The Effects of War

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This is an essay about the effects of war.

Submitted: July 14, 2012

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Submitted: July 14, 2012



"War what a stupid, and people are stupid, and love means nothing, in some strange waters..." This is a song by Culture Club which talks about what the meaning of war is. There are different types of wars in this world. Sometimes there is war against another country, sometimes there is war between a group of people, and sometimes you fight your own war, your own inner demons.

But in this post I would like to talk about the kind of war that you fight when it involves other people who are trying to get you down for one reason or another. I think that it takes a great deal of character and perseverence to overcome the obstacles that others put in your path. It is often not that easy to deal with, but you end up learning several valuable lessons in the end. It depends on the person, what they learn, I mean.

I believe that people need to hold on to what is true and honest and real to them. Always. You work at getting your point across when the odds seem to be against you and they really are not. It is just what they try to make you to believe. An individual has to have an inherent sense of truth and self worth and self respect and self love enough to know that others who try to get you down only do so at their own peril. What lies within an individual is an inherent truth that needs to be brought to the forefront of his or her struggle. A person may be having problems with his or herself. The "other" who is against you has his or her own demons as well. It's up to you to overcome, to continue to grow at your pace and to move forward with your truth, always. When you have this kind of outlook on life, everything else is secondary. Be true to yourself. Obstacles will fall by the wayside.

I love life! And I believe that life is good. It's sometimes a matter of the glass being half-full and not the other way around. Do what makes you happy and free. Do what's right for you. Do the right thing and be yourself no matter who doesn't like it, who says you will fail. Because you're worth it and only you know what you have been through to be the person that you are today.

Life is full of challenges. Face them, head on. No fear is too great that cannot be overcome. There is nothing to fear but fear itself. Life is unpredictable. So are others, which is important to remember in dealing with those who try to take you down. Inherently they are NOT important, ever. To you. Period.

I am having an excellent time trying to grow in my own path. It's been filled with obstacles galore, that I have overcome. And I am stronger and more positive than ever that I will achieve my ultimate goal(s) which are known to me alone. Another cannot take you down if you know what you are worth, no matter how harrowing, no matter the terror, whatever beatings they put you through, inside or out. Experience and common sense prevail ultimately. They dictate. So be on your own road, your own path in growth, spiritually or otherwise.

So far, I have learned a great deal about myself and others. My woes have not gotten me down, have not gotten the best of me. I am creative and crave creativity on many levels, all the time, a fact which helps me in my growth and in my journey. People have tried to get me down, perhaps they like not what I am. Too bad. I like me, love me. And that is all that matters.

When you go through all of the trials that I have gone through, it becomes easier to breathe after each and every single one, as you learn along the way. My path has been uneven, but has filled me with much knowledge and desire for more. I have ambition. I have love for life and intent on pursuing it, I am, in whatever creative endeavor or fashion that may present itself. I am a human being who has been through a lot, yet loves a lot more too. So I am focusing on the fact that I am a positive and bright person, a loving human being who really loves life, yet does not see the world through rose-colored glasses. My feet are firmly planted, I stand firmly rooted in me and in what truth I bring to the world. WIth this outlook, I prevail and move on, despite the so called obstacles that others have tried to put in my way.

Anyway, I love life, music, people, love to write. I have a healthy sense of self and a great self esteem and inherent respect for others. The monsters I have encountered do no faze me. They help me grow.

Overall, I am having fun and enjoy myself in the process. I no longer suffer, I learn and heal and prevail, as the obstacles are pushed away from me as I move through them.

I love life! This will never change.

So if you are on your own path to your own dreams, follow your heart and soul with them. It is wonderfully healing and freeing. It is integrity and truth that matters, after all. To thy own self be true (shakespeare), always.

Remember: Life has a lot to teach you, no matter what. It brings joy and pain, but in the end, the rewards are greater. yourself, and always speak the truth. That is how you live this life.


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