Character Development for Jeremy

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Submitted: March 10, 2013

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Submitted: March 10, 2013



It was a bitter day for the Moore household, the day that Jeremy’s and Derek’s parents divorce finally went through and things were officially over. Jeremy had returned to his house after school to see it almost entirely empty, his father having taken nearly everything that he could and leaving his mother with the bare essentials. He walked through his familiar house, this aching feeling reverberating throughout his entire being. The warmth he usually felt as he entered the two story house was gone — as was the happiness he usually remembered when he came through his neighbourhood  Things had been difficult for the family with the constant fighting over Derek’s sexuality with his father constantly claiming that Derek was too young to know who and what he liked. Through the front door he entered the hall, where there was a broken glass table that he assume his father broke in the scuffle to leave in a hurry without having to see any of the children or their mother. Jeremy’s heart clenched as he reached the kitchen to see things strewn about in such an unlike fashion of his mother it nearly scared him.

He walked through the awning to the living room, stopping at the door frame to look at the heights of him and his siblings, drawn in colors that they all picked when they were little. Jeremy was in red and just a centimeter above his brother Derek, and bellow Derek was his sister. In the living room he noticed was just as barren as the other rooms he had encountered, pictures were face down and he wondered who had done that. His father could have cared less, and it clicked in his head that his mother must have and he realized he hadn’t heard a peep out of her the whole time. He stood still for a minute trying to hear his mom shuffling around like she usually did — but nothing.

“Mum?” he called out and still heard nothing and he sprinted to the stairs and up them and stood silent, his breath held to hear anything. “Mum!?” He shouted and heard the quiet creaking in his parents bedroom and he made his way there, pushing the door open and there was his mum sitting on the end of the bed with silverware upon the floor like she had taken it from the kitchen and brought it here. “Mum?” He asked quietly, and he watched as she lifted her head and looked at him with a blank expression.

“Jeremy.” She said to him in a restless voice which she had used in a long time, motioning for the boy to come over towards her. “Mum, are you okay?” He asked, slowly stepping towards her and sitting in front of her to take her hands, but she refused to let go of the oven mit clenched in her hands. “Jeremy, it’s cold out. We don’t need you in the hospital again.” She said with an airy tone to her voice and he was confused. Hospital? Jeremy hadn’t been in the hospital since he was about seven, and even then it was because he had broken his collarbone. The only other time he could think of him being in the hospital was the stories he heard of when he had his tonsils taken out.

“Hospital? Mum, I haven’t been in the hospital in a long time.” He said softly as he rubbed softly at her arms before she snatched her hands away from his touch. “What are you doing? Stop it. Stop it. Stop it.” She began to chant, which caused to Jeremy shoot up and look at his mother who stared back, as if she didn’t know her own flesh and blood. “You’re going to go live with you father. Your brother and sister will stay with me. Go pack your bags now.” His mother said to him, pointing towards the door. Too scared to speak a word, Jeremy silently made his way out of his mothers room, down the hall and to his room.

“Derek, I… I don’t know what’s wrong with mom. She’s… I don’t know. She’s not herself.” Jeremy said with a shaky voice as he entered his room where Derek was sitting with his sister. Although before Jeremy could speak, Derek stood up and took a deep breath. “Jeremy, you do realise that this is all of your fault? Mum and Dad wouldn’t be getting a divorce if you made dad come to his senses. You didn’t help me and now our family’s broken. I rea-” But before Derek could go any further with his somewhat of a lecture, a car horn beeped outside. “That’s dad, I’ve already packed your bags.” His brother said as he pointed towards the large suitcase on the floor. Not knowing what to do, Jeremy let out a sigh as he walked over towards his little sister, planting a kiss on her cheek. “Derek don’t worry. Mum and dad’ll get back together. They always have fights like this, although this time they’ve just reached a different level. Things will be back to normal soon. I’ll talk to dad about you, I’ll make him come to his senses.  I promise.” Jeremy said as his voice began to crack, knowing that this time the fight was different, knowing that their family was now broken and knowing that his promise could never be achieved.

Grabbing the suitcase and making his way down the stair and outside the front door, the boy slammed the door behind him, not looking back, knowing that he’d burst into tears if he took another look at the house. “Dad, please just drive.” The young boy demanded as the placed his suitcase on the backseats and jumped in the front, sitting besides his dad. After a few minutes of silences, Jeremy looked at his dad who had his eyes glued on the road. “Dad, this time is it permanent?” Jeremy asked his dad, yet the young boy got no answer.

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