What Could Go Wrong?

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Beth likes Greg.
Greg likes Lucy.
Lucy likes Brad.
Brad likes Greg.

What could go wrong?

Submitted: June 19, 2013

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Submitted: June 19, 2013




Alright. Today's the day. Today's the day I'm going to stop being such a wimp and I’m going to talk to him. He's just a person! So why can't I just walk over to him and say hi? Oh, that’s right, I'm socially retarded,almost forgot. Oh God, he's cute. He's wearing his blue button-up flannel today. Who is “he” you might ask? “He” is Greggory Perry. The most perfect boy to ever grace the earth with his presence. Though I’ve never actually talked to him, I'm sure that every word that comes out of his mouth must sound like pure music. He's captain of the soccer team, has all honors classes, and plays guitar. What's more of a turn on than a guy that plays guitar? Oh, that’s right. Nothing. I've only got biology with him, but one class is way better than none. Alright, two minutes until the bell rings. I can do this. No I can't. Forty-five seconds...twenty seconds...dammit. Maybe tomorrow. It most likely won't happen tomorrow, but hey, it's a nice thought. I need to get some balls and learn how to approach people.



Finally, out of honor's history. Now I get to go to Biology and see her. I may hate science, but the fact that I get to see her in that class every day makes it worth it. She's so beautiful, she's perfect. Who is “she” you might ask? “She” is Lucy Stone. Her bright blue eyes, the way she wears dresses everyday, she's absolute perfection. She's also the only person I ever get nervous around.

We have a project coming up in biology, and with any luck I’ll get paired with her. I enter the classroom, anxious to see the partner list. Our teacher, Mrs. Green, enters the room and sits at her desk to take attendance. “Greggory Perry?” She asks. “Here.” I respond. She says three more names and then gets to hers. “Lucy Stone?” She asks. “Present.” Is Lucy's response, unique from everyone else's. “Now, students.” Mrs. Green says. “As you know, we have an upcoming project on genetics. You and your assigned partner will combine each others genetics and see what your offspring would possibly look like.” Interesting. She began to read down the list of names and I listened very carefully. “Caitlyn, you will be working with Brian.” She said more and more names until there were only a few of us left. “Zach Nelson, you will be working with Brenda.”  I waited and waited until she finally said it. “Lucy Stone, you will be working with Brad Murphy.” Dammit! Now it didn't even matter who I got paired with, but she still hadn't said my name. “Greg Perry, you will be working with Beth Parker.” Double dammit.


Lucy: Hell yes! My happiness level just went up like three hundred percent! Not only did I get Brad Murphy as my partner, the cutest guy in my entire biology class, but the project is making a baby. Come on. It's totally meant to be! We even match clothes today! Well, I'm wearing yellow and he's wearing green, but close enough. This project is going to be the best ever!



Dammit. I got paired with Lucy Stone for the baby making biology project. She's always super perky and she stares at me. I can't believe I have to make a fake baby with her. I'd rather have Greg Perry as my partner. He's super cute and I sometimes see him staring at me! Everyone I talk to says he's not gay at all, but hey, some people think that about me. The only people that really know that I'm gay are my parents and a few friends. Greg is my first boy crush and I've liked him for about two months. We're both on the soccer team and we share a locker in the locker room. We know each other, but the extent of our friendship is him approving me on Facebook last week. I want to talk to him, I just don't know what to say. The Winter Dance is coming up, maybe now is a good time to start talking to him...



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