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this is my poem which I am entering in SGauthor's competition! it looks at the beautiful and simple things which defines us, and our simple world and lives, the true reason of life. the chosen theme is : happiness (if that wasn't clear already) and I wish all the best to all other competitors! good luck! : )

Submitted: April 07, 2013

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Submitted: April 07, 2013



They once said life was a broken road

And under the shadows of angels wings we walk alone

The world around us faded now

Was once a harmony of existence

In the purest sonata

With you here beside me

As I walk my broken road

We notice each tiny ripple on the surface of life

Each voice each song and each meaning

And these small and beautiful things

That live together each and everyday

You and I,

The insignificant things we believe and do

In the warm and gentle sunlight

That time we spent together on your birthday

And when the flowers came in that spring

The crystallise memory’s on fragile paper

Locked inside dusty books

And the dreamlike scenes from childhood

The world it seems so simple

And life a beautiful sonata

As I walk down this broken road

With you

Under the faded shadows of angels wings

The unknown waits for us

But if you hold my hand then I can find happiness

No matter where this broken road may lead

Happiness is with us

And we can live and thrive

Chasing dreams, chasing tomorrow

This is our song

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