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I practice the martial art of kickboxing, and though I haven't been doing it for very long at all, I really enjoy it, and I wanted to share my feeling towards it to the world, and also hopefully encourage others to give it a try : )

Submitted: April 13, 2013

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Submitted: April 13, 2013



I first began to study the martial art of kickboxing in early September 2012, in my local Martial arts Academy (TMA) and I still attended classes twice a week. I am currently on my white belt but next Sunday I will be participating in a grading, a grading is sort of an examination in which you attend class like normal but you try your hardest to display all of your skills and your level of fitness to the best of your ability, if you are successful then you move up a belt.

The next belt after the white belt is the white belt yellow stripe which is what I hope to attain though my grading next week, I am very excited about it and can’t wait for my exam. I really enjoy kickboxing for many reasons. One of the most prominent reasons is that before I had started kickboxing, I was admittedly, physically very weak, which was frustrating for me because that didn’t match my personality at all, lead people to greatly underestimate me, and also left me with a guilty conscience.

Now, after my short time spent kickboxing I feel a lot more confident and stronger in my actions, my health and posture has also improved, as well as my mental state. I find I am not so tiered all the time and I can concentrate better in classes at school, as a result of this my grades have improved and I defiantly feel I have a better self-image of myself than from before.

Kickboxing is also a sport which I enjoy because of the atmosphere it has, it creates realistic, attainable standards and goals, etiquette and respect are highly valued in the dojo, and all of the dojo’s sensei’s are very understanding and kind, but at the same time push you to stretch your limits and actively involve themselves in the class they are teaching.

 People often make the mistake of assuming that kickboxing is basically a form of combat when you get down to it. Um, sorry, no. Yes, kickboxing is a form of self-defense and can actively be used in real life situations to protect yourself and others, but one on the most important rules of kickboxing is that you never start fights, you only defend. You must have respect for your sensei and opponent, and practice discipline, honesty and humanity.

If any of these laws are broken inside or outside of the dojo, then the student in question will be asked to leave, this is how serious this is. I find kickboxing to be in credibly beneficial and rewarding physically and mentally, and I anticipate my journey forward as I progress in fitness and skill to become a black belt, and from then on to continue my training and raise my level of standard, participating in classes of other forms of martial art, in many years’ time, I could be a master, but only if I practice and train hard.

There is a well-balanced sense of diversity in the dojo in which I train, many students of any age and size take part in the classes, and talk with each other as friends, which outside the dojo is not something you often see in common society. I myself through kickboxing have made many lasting friends who I would not have met or had the courage to talk you normally had I not decided to participate in the sport.

Everybody is very kind and welcoming as you just start out particularly, and surprisingly enough, a girl like me, who before hated exercise can go into the world as a more active, healthier, and happier person, and, lets be honest with ourselves, we look so god damn cool when we are fightning its untrue ; )

I hope this article has encouraged you to consider martial arts could be a part of your everday life, from synesthesia : )

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