All My Hate For You

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hate is a strong feeling you feel to your core

Submitted: March 12, 2011

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Submitted: March 12, 2011



I hate you to the core of me

I hate that you make him happy more then me

I hate how you make him change

I hate the way he acts when he is with you

I hate that you don't care

I hate that he get sad when your gone

I hate your with him now

 I hate that you guys sleep together in the same bed

I hate how he wraps his arms around you like he did me

Honestly I hate that i cry cause nothing i do will ever compare to what you do

I hate that I love him more then you

Why can he see your using him

you say you don't know what you want

You need time to think

You tell him to make sure he can move on

surely your not giving him the chance

your going to play him like a fool

You like the fact you got him wrapped around you finger

if only you can what you do to him

how much he misses you when your gone

i hate you to the core of me

and that is as strong as it is

if you have any shred of decency

you would quit while your ahead

don't hurt him

I promise to hurt you 10x more then you did him

he means the world to me

more then you will ever know

to me your nothing but a bitch

who needs to burn



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