Give me a sign we are ok

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For someone Special to me

Even though he'll never read it :/

Submitted: May 09, 2011

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Submitted: May 09, 2011



When I said prove to me you love me

I was wrong I gave you a short time

now you won't even speak

i slienced you

I feel so alone

the distance is getting to me

even now i can't even

stop the tears falling down my face

it burns me reminding me

that these tears are for

everything i done to you

everything you done to me

we both were wrong

stop these fights

i'm tired

i can't breath now

i can't sleep

i refuse to eat

I'm falling so hard

though you'll never see what you done to me

I know you feel it in your heart

it's okay you can hide

behind other girls

forgetting i'm here

believe all the rumors

believe what everyone say about me

Like you said you just can't trust me

the past is something

that will come back to haunt you

Mine is now

I won't pretend to say sorry

when i have nothing to be sorry for

This time what happened is your fault

I don't know what you feel

i don't get you

I'm so caught up in my own

i didn't bother to look

i feel so heartless sometimes

Although this poem is long i'm going to cut it short

I really do love you

But can you love me back?

Remember what we felt about a year ago now

I feel the same way

the day we first met is a day i can never forget.

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