This one is kinda ironic, I fell in love with my bestest friend in this whole widest world. I didn't know how to tell him so i made him read my poem. But sometimes the girl doesn't get the guy....but she becomes friends with his girlfriend!

if only you knew howw i felt if  only you  wasn't so oblivious maybe one day I have the guts to say what i always wanted to but my heart tell me not to fuck up a good thing everything would change if i told you and it wouldnt be the same anymore people drift away and im scared that you won't respect what i feel my heart breaks at the thought that your happy cause deep down i wanna cry its not me. You mean the world to me but you dont see the way i do of course your my best friend and i dont wanna lose you but deep down i have to deal with the choices i made and the choices you did

Submitted: November 11, 2010

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