In The End of this game we play

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When ur world suddenly falls apart this is what it feels like

Submitted: June 24, 2011

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Submitted: June 24, 2011



In the end it feels like a on coming battle and i'm losing

we fight and it never gets us far

you hate my friends in fact you can't stand them

every time it feels like everything falls apart with us i feel as if i am falling into a dark pit

of despair to say i wish that things would just go back to when we were such

good friends or whatever you want to call us cause i don't even know anymore

I can't stand the way you talk to me now i don't even recognize you anymore

your not the sweet and kind loving person you used to be you adopted

a i don't give a fuck attitude i'm your property i'm owned by you

you own my heart , my body , my soul everything i can give is yours and in the end this is how its going to be

do you even care please tell me you care and love me still cause if not there is no reason for me to be hanging around.

I lost you to many times and i can't stand it if i lost you again

please put a end to my misery

when i said i was leaving to see you in VA i was actually planning to kill myself

and now i wish i didn't chicken out i would of been dead and finally putting a end to all this.

what we are isn't even considered anything we are nothing.

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