Mend My Broken Heart Before It Kills Me

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for someone i truly care for beyond anything

Submitted: March 06, 2011

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Submitted: March 06, 2011



I often sit and ponder do you care? or do you hide it behind ur cute adorable smile...when i cry will you wipe away my tears or just sit there and stare down at me if i was to break down will you help me find my strength?

I do love you I truly care but it hurts when you don't even think of the possibility's, I know I ruin everything before and I visit those memory's often who know's if i do it to torture myself with the guilt as I watch it choke the life out of me

You often say you love me but do you mean it? I can't help but think am i good enough for you is it enough for you to love me as I do you said be fore mistakes are our greatest teachers.

I learned my mistakes i been to hell and back i been tortured beyond repair..i suffered to many tears to even count.

The question is will you help me mend my broken heart?

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